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We are at this time entering the next phase of the human life experience. Many within humanity cannot comprehend anything other than that which has been churned out by the AI machine since the start of humanity. They are holding in place hoping for the return to what they EXPECT the human life experience to be for them and as such as standing stones upon which we move across the water and on to dry land.

It is vital at this time that we take stock of our own human life experience and permit the flushing of TOXICITY from said human life experience. This flushing of TOXICITY is done by our SPIRIT in TRUTH and at times may trigger fully our human logical mind which tells us that that which is illuminated as TOXIC is anything but. We are here to surrender to TRUTH and to move by walking the path of TRUTH not to be hostage to our human logical mind.

Thru the releasing of the TOXINS we will begin to experience a new depth of living and we will begin to have sharper vision. TOXICITY is the field in which humanity are planted upon birth because it yields the most GRIEF, the human emotion that the AI machine harvests for other entities. It is the grief that is stored within the human physical vehicle itself, deep within the DNA/RNA cellular structure that is harvested generation to generation. Sometimes the fields are left for a generation in order to harvest a deeper crop the following year. This is seen in family generational curses which seem to skip a generation, it is not skipping it is waiting its turn. Much like a farmer will leave a field with nothing in it for a season to give the field a rest as it were.

TOXICITY levels have to be dissolved in order that the re potting process can get underway. It is not possible to grow a fertile plant in soil that is detrimental to the actual plant itself. Those who are here to move into phase two of the evolution process require to be re potted and the soil once fertilized begins to aid the plant instead of hindering it.

The re potting is now underway, many within humanity will feel at odds with those around them and feel alienate fully, this is part of the process. For the root binding that has occurred in the small pots that the human physical vehicle is planted into has to be disrupted and cleared out prior to planting.

We are asked at this time to rest, to BE in PEACE and to understand the process thru permitting the physical experience of said process.




(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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