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Footsteps become leaps in TRUTH

For those who have begun the ascension to full evolution process the last few linear years have been intense. As a movement the ascension process has been hijacked repeatedly with very intense illusions that seeks to promote the ascension process as simply an "alternative" lifestyle. This is a bit like promoting being human as an option which of course it is within the Old Earth Matrix. Humanity are under attack for the very thing that makes them human, their heart space.

A human being devoid of the choice of being within their heart space becomes a vacant vessel that can be accessed unknowingly repeatedly. Humanity are within a process that will see a make or break happen at a very physical level. We are spiritual beings that have taken human form but the awakening that is occurring is not a spiritual one (albeit the spiritual plane is accessed) it is a HUMAN one.

We can be as spiritual as we can be but if this is not permitted to flow thru the human physical vehicle then we are side stepping the very process that we incarnated to take part in. We are moving at a HUMAN level into and beyond the ascension to full evolution process and the war now begins to reveal itself in TRUTH. It is not a spiritual war it is a HUMAN war and this war is on TRUTH.

A race that has been kept chained to the lower dimensional planes of existence seeks to take refuge where it feels comfortable. This is akin to being locked into a shady house where there has been little sunlight, the adapting to said shady house of course has taken millenia but it is there. It takes an adjustment to then leave said shade and stand fully in the LIGHT. This is now what we are called to do but in our HUMAN physical everyday waking life experience. IT IS WHO WE ARE IN TRUTH.

Hiding within the spiritual is now no longer an option. It is not something that can be stepped into and then hidden within, this serves NO purpose. It is not why we incarnated into a human physical form. For many within the spiritual arena this phase of the full evolution process is prohibited to them because they have sought shelter on the WRONG PLANE OF EXISTENCE.

It is the play that those who patrol these lower dimensional realities have gone to great lengths to prolong. To prevent a race from fully stepping into TRUTH they need only have created such a fear vibration within the human physical vehicle itself that the human physical plane is rejected for the illusion of being somewhere that humanity cannot be.

If we cannot stand in the physical human plane in this our human physical form and shine TRUTH then we are not within the process that we have permitted ourselves to believe that we are. The NEW EARTH is not a place it is a FREQUENCY, it does not occur when humanity have awoken but when WE STEP FULLY INTO THE LIGHT OF TRUTH IN THIS OUR HUMAN PHYSICAL FORM.

SOURCE works thru us, we do not create for it is SOURCE that is TRUTH. For those who believe they are GOD then SOURCE stands and SHINES. It is the shining that now determines the path that remains. ONLY ONE IS TRUTH all else is illusion.

In simply human terms we now claim our humanity in TRUTH for in doing so WE ARE.


(c) Karen Doonan

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