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For those who see, blindness is a choice that is now removed in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we have been limited, contained and suppressed and this has blurred the path that was created for us to walk out of the old earth construct/matrix. It is now necessary for this path to become crystal clear in order that we can now make significant movement along said path, it serves no one on any level of creation whatsoever for movement to slow down or to stop altogether.

Many within humanity are focused on the outer waking reality and still fall to the illusion presented that somehow humanity are at the mercy of some external force. Whilst said "external force" appears to be external it is anchored internally. It is akin to placing an anchor in the sea and then refusing to move the boat crying that the anchor is where we cannot reach it therefore we require someone else to up the anchor before we can move. This is more illusion.

The mirrors that have sought to contain this dimensional space and which humanity have been conditioned to use in order to reference their human life experience within this dimensional space are now breaking. The tidal wave of higher frequency that now hits said mirrors will now SHATTER THEM FULLY.  It is vital therefore that we no longer fall to the illusion of working with said mirrors for they are no longer required hence the shattering will now commence.

Where we have walked and seen and then bowed to human will in order to move into rebellion which is often manifest as "I am not ready to do this" we have often been permitted to remain for a short time until we are shown repeatedly that we are in rebellion. This is now negated for it is ALL and ALL JUST IS . For those who have now accepted that this dimensional space is other than it appears to the naked human eyes and the false reference point the movement will be breathtaking.  Illusion is now taken down in the areas of the human life experience that has sought to have us move into rebellion and seen us waiver.

We are not here to bow to those around us, that is simply the conditioning that has seen humanity kept in chains at all levels of the human life experience. Outer waking reality events will now rip away the final veils and as this occurs many who have sought to keep the veils placed upon the eyes of those who have awoken will be removed as TRUTH dissolves all, any and every lower dimensional frequency. We have no reference points for that which is about to occur albeit we can feel the movement already.

For those who deny TRUTH the abrupt movement into TRUTH will see the holding patterns shattered, the false pictures they weave illuminated and the manipulation that they claim dissolved.  At a world wide level humanity are not prepared for that which will now be revealed and in TRUTH there is no preparation necessary for TRUTH JUST IS.

We are now moving beyond the event horizon, there is no turning back, there is no simply turning over and going back to sleep for the bed is removed and the room cleared of all ability to sleep.  For those who have repeatedly made the bed for the sleeper the time is now at hand as per prophecy and darkness will simply bow to TRUTH for in rejecting it it places itself in defiance of its own creation.  Put simply the bed maker will now admit that the bed making is of his creation and will reveal the bed linen used.

For those who are now moving further into momentum the time is NOW, the relevant patterning will be dissolved in order that you can now begin to walk unaided without falling asleep nor even resting for none is required. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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