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Forgiveness is a TRUTH little understood

There are many phrases within humanity that are bandied about like candy and we tend to dismiss them assuming that we know what they mean.  Forgiveness is a word that many have used and continue to use in a context that is other than TRUTH.  It is often stated that we "forgive" someone but then continue to repeat the behavior that we used towards them thereby negating the forgiveness that we have stated we have given to them.  Often we can state that we can "forgive but cannot forget", again the phrase is taken as often meaning that it is okay but remember that what you did will never be forgotten. So how can forgiveness be given when it is held in check by the memory of that which has happened?

The short answer is that it cannot, forgiveness is an all consuming act.  It is not one step whilst the other person stands still, it is akin to a flowing movement with the movement itself wiping out that which is being forgiven.  Christ did not go to the Cross and ask our Creator YHWY to forgive us then add an addendum listing all that we did to him prior to the Cross. HE FORGAVE IN TRUTH.

It is increasingly difficult to move into forgiveness in the context of everyday human life due to the reference given to the actual world. Whilst we may forgive someone in our minds eye if we have not forgiven them in our heart then we are merely paying lip service to said forgiveness and Lucifer knows this only too well.  We may find ourselves in a position where it appears we are going over old ground and our human logical mind will pull out the event/situation that required forgiveness and place this upon the picture presented. This will see us manipulated in a way that we remain blind to and this will cause the wound to open once more. Healing in TRUTH sees no wounds open for they are healed but healing can only take place in TRUTH, where we are honest, where we forgive in our heart and don't just mouth the words for a "quiet life".  This depth of forgiveness will feel alien to us to begin with because we are used to living the human life experience as if we are skating on a frozen pond.  Constantly moving in case the ice breaks and gives way and never letting ourselves become immersed in the experience that lies beyond said ice.

At this time we are asked to look within, to acknowledge the hurt that we carry and to ask for and be given forgiveness for without it we remain dancing on the ice in ever increasing circles. Movement is not always a sign of a shift, often movement is our internal mechanism searching for a way to avoid that which we are asked to look at. For much like a child will not look under their bed in the dark we will not be keen to venture into the spaces that we have left the wounded parts of ourselves, fearing what we will find and often believing the lies of Lucifer that the wounds will never heal.

Forgiveness is a key, it opens doors that we are blind to and it allows for full and complete transformation beyond the reference points that our human logical mind is holding on to.

At this time we are asked to remain on the Rock that IS Christ and to ask for the Grace and Strength to let go fully. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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