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Forgiveness is the hidden Gift in TRUTH

For many of us the idea of forgiving is one that fills us with dread. We may be quick to retaliate when we feel we have been the victim of a hurt but when we look at the very idea of forgiveness it can be very challenging. The human logical mind will attempt to validate the hurt fully, citing and referencing all levels of  the "justification" of our behavior and retaliation.  It is to be remembered that there is not a human being alive who has not had the experience of deep hurt at some point in their human life experience. Lucifer created a reality that seeks to justify the rebellion within humanity and never more so than when human hurt is involved.

Yet our key out of the hurt that we experience is within us, it is called forgiveness.  It is a key that many leave in the lock of the door of the hurt choosing to keep the door closed and falling to the very intense conditioning that seeks to teach that in order to remain apart from the hurt that the door to forgiveness must remained locked tight.  What humanity do not see in this scenario is that the key is locking humanity INTO hurt, it is not keeping hurt out, it is keeping it deep within our human vehicle and all hurt that is stored within our human vehicle will continually seek an outlet.  Often it will raise its head when we least expect it, leaving us gasping for breath at the intensity which will increase the longer the door is kept locked.

At this time of year the stirring of the internal pain within humanity begins in earnest.  The media courts this stirring through the use of "perfect" imagery.  The continual use of said imagery triggers the deep pain that humanity hide from themselves continually.  We are continually bombarded with pictures of "perfect people", having "perfect celebrations" and this of course is deliberate. Lucifer knows how to manipulate for he has conditioned humanity repeatedly to keep hold of the very weapons that he uses and to which they are blind to.

Lucifer went one step further and corrupted the use of the Word of YHWY weaving religion into the celebration, this sees lip service given to the very meaning of "love" at a time when it is only LOVE in TRUTH that can turn that key in the door and release the hurt for healing in TRUTH.  So deep are the cuts within humanity that many are already subconsciously building the walls that they believe will allow them to get through the next few weeks without feeling anything. The use of drugs and alcohol and indeed the violence that manifests through these two mediums increases from now through the festive period and beyond. Many families will wake up in the new year battered from the storm that arrives during the festive celebrations and which tears them apart at a very deep emotional level.  Many will struggle to understand the level of storm that arrived and many will simply build higher walls believing that once again stepping back from the locked door keeps them safe.

The use of technology drives this pain deeper as humanity are now more separate than they have ever been. The driving of "online" sees communities decimated as "local" becomes  a memory.  The older generations are now more separate than at any other time, the use of human language as the way to communicate physically is being replaced within "online chats" and the manifestation of this is the breaking down of relationships. This remains hidden to many within humanity who fall to the illusion that somehow uploading a picture of what they had for lunch is simply a way of sharing their day. The algorithms  employed by social media segregate and separate and keep society in neat little boxes based on their use of "online".  Whilst certain social media platforms may claim millions of users said users never find one another due to said algorithms.  This is the same for any search engine also which is limited by country specifics.  This remains hidden to the majority of humanity who are so busy attempting to keep the internal hurt and pain and loneliness at bay that seek to accept only that which their human eyes show them.

Let us take an example to demonstrate the illusion further.  When we hear the all too familiar Christmas tunes that will soon be blaring out of shops that are filled with people all searching for a way to dull the pain we are not present in the moment. Certain Christmas songs will stir the memories within humanity that see them bring to the fore people, places and events that up until hearing said tune they had buried deep inside. For those who have lost people in the past 11 months since last Christmas the next few weeks will be incredibly painful as they prepare for their "first" Christmas with the loved one no longer physically present.  All remains hidden as we search for the "perfect present" and tempers fray as we are forced to stand in long queues in overcrowded shops.

The gift of forgiveness is one that is free and freeing.  We do not require to physically converse with those we are forgiving, often the person we require to forgive is no longer with us in their human form.  Many suffer deep regret on the passing of a loved one due to the belief that they will never have any closure and yet this is an illusion.  Accepting our Salvation in TRUTH through Christ is not simply sitting in church paying lip service once a year going through the rote and ritual that the construct of religion employs.  It is opening our heart fully and inviting Christ in to sit with us. This can be done at any moment of any moment for when we call to Christ in TRUTH he answers.  When we open the door we invite Him in and we then surrender. We admit that we do not have the answers that we thought we had. We admit that we have tried for too long to carry the burdens of humanity personally ourselves.  We admit that have failed, that we have hurt and that we have been failed and hurt. The list is endless because there are so many variations on the pain and separation that humanity experience in Lucifer's world.

We then acknowledge that we require help and this is the beginning of a process that whilst we remain surrendered we are fully protected through the Blood of Christ. The gifting of the Holy Spirit is from Christ Himself and it is a gift that is bestowed on those with an open heart and a white flag.  We may be taken to the end of our tether as it were to reach said white flag. Such is the rebellion that has been seeded and reaped within humanity the surrender is one that is held back to the final moment.  It does not matter how old you are, what gender you are, how much you earn, what you have done or not done, surrender is an option open to all within humanity.  It is at the point of surrender to Christ that the miracles begin to birth.  It is when we are on our knees in our deepest pain that Christ whispers to let us know He is present and we will often feel Him beside us.

For those within humanity who believe that nothing is worth living for please please listen to the still whisper of the one who stands with you and who will never leave you.  Let go of the need to solve anything and simply open your arms and He will hold you.  It is from that moment of surrender that all that has been taken from you will be returned for it is Lucifer who steals, who lies and deceives.  It is our Savior and Redeemer Christ who tends to the deep wounds that humanity endure and to which they are often blind to. There is strength in our surrender for we were never meant to walk alone, in darkness. John 8:32 (KJV) And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST Kx

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