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Forgiveness is the path beneath our feet in TRUTH

During the expansion in TRUTH process we will find ourselves at key points where it appears there is nothing beneath our feet on which to walk. We may at these key points seek to take a step backwards or side ways assuming that there is a change in direction but this is not always the case.  Often when we find a block on our path it is but a blind fold that has been placed internally within us that requires to be removed.  It is the fear of removing this blindfold that will see us try to take avoidance measures and we may be in deep shock when we are shown the actual avoidance measures that we resort to.

No matter how much we say something or even believe something it is that which runs at unconscious waking mind level that has the last say. We will find this when for example we may state that we are going on a health kick. We may revamp our diet and add in exercise but we will find ourselves sabotaging our efforts and we may be taken aback at the levels of sabotage that we invent.  We may go to lengths to try harder but still feel we are facing an invisible challenge and we are, it sits at unconscious waking mind level, there will often be a root fear that is protected by keeping things the way they are at this time.

Change is something that comes from within in TRUTH, it is not something that happens to us, often we will assume that everything happens TO us but all is but a reflection of that which is already running deep within us. We may avoid and in avoiding simply choose to forget something but this is not possible in TRUTH, we do not forget, what we do is place it at an unconscious waking mind level and it runs like an invisible program hidden to all, any and every virus protection program that we may run.

This is why mindfulness and many other false teachings simply do not work beneath the initial movement that occurs. They are not sustainable because they work like anti virus software but like anti virus software they will not find the hidden malware, this runs at a level that these teachings simply cannot reach. Humans are not so much hard wired for experience as begin to solidify inside the pain and unconscious belief systems that said pain creates.  This sets up a solidity internally that is challenging to work with.

Whilst many within humanity will continually opt for the quick fix said quick fixes are rapidly becoming null and void due to the disintegration of the old earth construct/matrix itself. It is not longer working to capacity and each ripple that goes out across the dimensional space that breaks down said dimensional space removes a quick fix that humanity may have relied upon for as long as can be remembered.

To work to levels that are consistent with TRUTH we have to step into TRUTH itself and this is only found in our surrender IN Christ. It is not enough to attempt to do as the construct of religion speaks and follow him, this does nothing in TRUTH. This is akin to running after a delivery truck, always following but never ever receiving the parcel. We would not do this in real life so why do we attempt to do this at a spiritual level? the main answer is of course fear, it takes a level of responsibility to look within and to accept the initial landscape that is revealed. Said landscape of course will change as we accept and release, WE DO NOT HOLD ON TO IT AND IT NO LONGER DEFINES US.

But such is the level of distortion around self help and self healing that many attempt to self diagnose not understanding that the hidden part of self is camouflage, it is there to be seen but not by the naked eye and certainly not by our own human vehicle. It is the background that ripples enough to be felt but not enough to be seen. This is why we require to accept and to stand IN CHRIST. This is not adopting rote and ritual which are part of the delivery truck that many are chasing and many believe will somehow stop for them when they pass from physical to spiritual.

At this time we are dealing with the root operating system within our human vehicle. This is the very hidden foundation that we have worked upon and within since we were born into this human vehicle and it may reveal various issues that are mind blowing and yet until we accept that they exist we cannot remove them. We do not remove them as such, we surrender IN Christ and place forgiveness at the feet of that which is revealed and in doing so open the door to permanent and deep healing. It is from this that all is moved and shifted, nothing external can manifest unless it has a spiritual root. Something denied by the majority of humanity and in said denial is the manipulation and power that darkness wields. For we are attached to the manipulation until we are separated from it, forgiveness is the key that unlocks the chains that bind us and they bind us in breathtaking ways.

So the next time that you reach out for change, reach INWARDS, that sandwich, that bar or chocolate is not just a sandwich or a bar of chocolate it is a frequency, it is a frequency that will change depending on that which is running internally.  It therefore either becomes another stone to weigh you down or becomes the air that you breathe, and the human logical mind will deny this, the matrix itself will deny this because it relies on frequency remaining hidden.

TRUTH is stranger than fiction and much like NEO in the matrix once you can see beyond the  imposed rules that rely on belief then the outer waking reality becomes something else entirely. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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