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Frequency is a WEAPON OF TRUTH

We are in this our human form blindsided by that which has not take human physical form but which flows through any, every and all human physical forms that are at a low enough frequency to allow for the flowing.  The abuse of drugs, food stuffs and alcohol is a gradual grooming of frequency that sits hidden in plain view.  It is no co incidence that those who are affected by addiction find it a slippery slope to address said addiction.  "Modern medicine" works to compound this by substituting one drug for another allowing the entity to continue its work through the human physical vehicle.

If we have ever felt oppressed to levels that make no logical sense, if we feel that a "heavy" presence seems to be around us, if we begin to have thoughts that are very very dark indeed and seem to keep repeating themselves then we are at the mercy of an entity that is attempting to continue to flow through in order to gain possession.

It is laughed at generally within the human population that "possession" can actually happen, "modern" thought is that this is an outdated method of thinking and that somehow humanity have moved on leaps and bounds and yet it is further smoke and mirrors.

On a personal level we are now asked to look at that which is attempting to alter our frequency and we are asked to take action.  We are now moving into the evolution that we have long been denied and as we begin to move in frequency then our behaviors and our actions will begin to alter and change. It is in our interests to help this process by becoming more and more aware of how we FEEL around food, around drinks and around people.  Frequency cannot hide itself, the whole point of darkness placing so much focus on the physical and on the SIGHT and human eyes is to deflect from what is actually being felt at the time.  A glittering box can still contain a snake, the box will be decorated to give the observer the idea that it contains anything but a snake and of course the volume of the hiss is turned down, but a mute snake can be as venomous as one hissing its head off.

How often are we physically present when we do our food shopping, as we reach to the shelf and choose something to buy, do we FEEL the frequency of that which we are about to buy or do we just read the packing and accept it is "gluten free", "dairy free" etc.  It is not what it contains that is important, it is the FREQUENCY of the finished product that is important. The process that a food can go through is every bit as damaging no matter what the finished product is.  Now take this further, when you are choosing your personal products, toothpaste, even the toothbrush itself, do you take the moment to FEEL the frequency?    An even more important part of this is do you adhere to the frequency that you find?  do you put it back down or allow your hand NOT TO TOUCH IT when you can be as tuned to frequency as we require to be?  or do you allow your head to teach you that it is a well known trusted brand so it must be okay?

This is the movement that we are evolving into, then we can bypass the knowledge part that ties most of humanity in knots, when we work purely with frequency and nothing else then life gets very simple and the path opens where before it appeared as a labrynth.

This is what darkness does not want us to move into because as we begin to evolve into this way of living we bypass the glittery boxes with the snakes and we choose in TRUTH. That which resonates with our human physical vehicle becomes easy and we begin to heal and to expand in frequency and so on. This is done naturally with ease because it is aligned with wider creation in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to use frequency in order to clear the pathways that are preventing us from reaching this next phase. That which is congregated around humanity do not want to leave, they have made a home within many within humanity and they have reaped the rewards of this.  The way out is THROUGH darkness, walking softly, walking very calmly and choosing the frequency that LIGHTS our path.  Darkness can only ever retreat at this level of movement as frequency attracts or REPELS frequency, as we begin to become more and more confident in working and living in this way then the frequency that we are becomes strong and it begins to repel that which has sought to hold us in chains.

Many will shake their heads for DENIAL and DISBELIEF is built into the matrix for a reason.  Many will demand that it is more complex and that is also built into the matrix. That which is now unfolding will show TRUTH to new levels and many within humanity will be left gasping for air such is the shock that will now unfold.

TRUTH JUST IS and we are asked now to align fully with this frequency. That which is not TRUTH Will now make itself known in ways that it prevented to this moment, but there is no more hiding, no more masking.  A bit like the end of the THEY LIVE film where the plug is pulled on the transmitter and that which was hiding is revealed fully, THIS will now unfold within the outer waking life experience and we are asked to understand that this is for our own protection. We require to know where the snake is so that we can walk past it and move beyond the poison, for where we are walking there will be NO seeds of the old, only TRUTH.

LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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