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GOLD Skull Podcasts

The ORION PORTAL podcasts are available on all major podcast platforms. These podcasts outline and explain that which is in operation at this time and help you adjust to the context that is required in order to see thru the illusion that is being presented.

For those who are able to work at the levels required to move into the birthing of the 144,000 the SUPER Premium podcasts aid in this by going into more depth as to that which is playing out and how we clear this from our frequency.

The Gold Skull podcasts are created to help you navigate the crystal skull matrices that help us walk behind the Old Earth Matrix. View them akin to when Neo in the Matrix films is able to open the doors with the key keeper and jump between the different dimensional spaces. The key keeper knew which doors to unlock to navigate the matrix. This is available to us in this our human physical form in this dimensional space but we have to navigate using the protection of the skull matrices to achieve this.

To access any of the above podcasts please visit the main ORION PORTAL website.


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