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Growing Roots in TRUTH beyond the old earth construct/matrix

We are now moving into a window that allows us to grow roots in TRUTH.  We have become pot bound as it were, stifled within a construct that seeks to harness our emotional debris in order to keep us both bound and contained.  Many within humanity seek for answers externally but we must begin to move into understanding by allowing the process to show us where the answers are and they are not where we ASSUME they are.

All within the old earth construct/matrix is a lie, it is built on a foundation of sand that continually shifts and seeks to validate itself through the separation, pain and trauma that the construct is DESIGNED to produce.  As such we have become stagnant and we actively refuse to expand due to the very heavy conditioning that seeks to have us fall to the lie that expansion and change are something to be feared. Indeed the outer waking reality is seeking to validate all, every and any fear that has been seeded within humanity at this time.

Emotionally charged headlines, repeated phrases, unexplained events, all are a conditioned experience, provide the experience then provide the solution plays to the human logical mind and it is all deliberate. Many within humanity have now gone into overdrive attempting to solve that which does not require to be solved for as it is not TRUTH it will dissolve fully when we stop interacting with it.

To explain this further take the example of a house set for demolition, prior to demolition the house appears to be a regular house.  People walking through said house will see that which appears to need repaired but remember the entire house is scheduled for demolition. Why then would you "solve" the problem of the hole in the wall? why would you 'solve" the problem of the leaky roof?  Why would you "solve" the problem of the dodgy heating system?  the answer is that you would not because it would be wasted energy in doing this because the entire house is scheduled for demolition.

However in the above example those who live in said house are unaware of the demolition and are unaware of just how unstable the house actually is. Now in the example the demolition team should have made the tenants aware of the situation and they could then make arrangements to be out of the house and to secure other accommodation.  This HAS happened but darkness has dulled the call and the message. For humanity live in this house scheduled for demolition. Darkness keeps calling on the tenants and telling them that the house needs repaired, do they not see the leaky roof? do they not see the dodgy heating system?

Further more darkness has told the tenants that there is no other housing available and that they need to make do with what they have so why have they not taken steps to help themselves?  This has produced so much fear in many that they have gone to war with the other tenants of the house. Now there are many tenants who are well aware of the demolition and they remain silent, not wanting to upset the rest of the tenants. Some tenants have been placed in the house deliberately by darkness, whispering to the most in fear and playing on said fears.  But TRUTH remains the house is scheduled for demolition.

Those who are now called are asked to walk out the front door and to not look back.  Demolition takes place whether there are those inside or not because TRUTH JUST IS, there is NO REQUIREMENT to remain in the house, the house is no longer fit for purpose, it never was.  What is required to leave the house and walk out the door?  its surrender of that which built the house in the first place.  SEPARATION, PAIN and TRAUMA.

In order to step out the front door we are asked to leave BEHIND the pain, separation and trauma we have experienced in said house. But many have become so accustomed to the pain and believe the lies that say the pain cannot be left behind.  It can. As we approach the door the tenants who are placed deliberately by darkness to seed fear will become more active, they will turn their full attention to those closest to the door and persuade them to remain, they do this by triggering abandonment, betrayal and more fear.  How can you leave this house leaving your friends and family within it?  how can you be so selfish? the list goes on.

What they do not state and refuse to tell you is that when you leave the house and exit it you allow those who have fallen to the lie that there is nothing beyond the door of the house to see that there is.  This is done through living that which is lied about, it is done by releasing the pain, the trauma and the separation.

The doorway is now surrounded by darkness all pushing the internal buttons of those who feel the need to leave the house.  The way that darkness finds those close to the doorway is the amount of emotional pain they are carrying. Like a neon light-bulb the pain illuminates the person who is walking towards the doorway. To go dark and to become invisible we need only sit down the baggage and step away from it. We do not need it, we have never needed it and as we now become LIGHTER this will validate itself through personal experience.

How does darkness find those it reaps from? frequency and it uses a sort of sonic radar, the more emotional pain held on to the more that the sonic radar picks up.  Then darkness surrounds its target and feeds. This leads the person who is already in emotional distress into more distress as the heaviness of the cloud of darkness closes in, it will feel like drowning, like suffocating and it is explained away by the construct/matrix as depression, anxiety and mental health problems.  This is a lie to have humanity accept that this happens, it happens because the construct was designed to produce this.  Everything is spiritual before it becomes physical. To address the darkness we must first of all accept it exists, from this point we then begin to understand what it needs to feed and then we REMOVE THE FOODSTUFF.  Until then the feeding will continue and it will do so to unprecedented levels as prophecy now once more completes and another veil is lifted in order we can understand that we are not in a world but in a dimensional space designed to keep us distracted so that feeding can continue. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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