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Head Vs Heart in TRUTH

We are conditioned in this our human physical form to "solve" that which is placed in front of us. We are never given a complete picture, rather we are given an optical illusion that is filled in depending on which emotional response we are within at the time of interacting with said picture.  This way of living and being has been the primary default position for humanity since we were born into this dimensional space.  As the outer waking reality is now beginning to break down this conditioning is working against many who require to be fully within the heart space and not moving in and out of this intense and very re enforced conditioned response.

From this time until the completion of the next evolution phase nothing in the external reality will make any logical or linear sense in the terms that we have worked with up until this moment.  This strikes fear into the minds of many within humanity who already fear that the outer waking reality will descend into chaos, hence they are manipulated into taking various actions to delay or to stall said "chaos".  What is not being understood is that the chaos is only perceived due to the very intense and consistent conditioning that humanity are subject to.

TRUTH sits still, it does not move based on the picture presented, many are attempting to bend TRUTH to the picture presented and then allowing deep frustration to arise when TRUTH refuses.  Then the denial of TRUTH begins but TRUTH JUST IS.  We are now witnessing the canvas upon which we have been conditioned to create a false picture being dissolved.  It is not possible to paint a false picture in TRUTH because ALL JUST IS.  Again the human logical mind rejects this because it tries to put the phrase within a context that is polarized and in doing so attempts to bend it to its will.

This phase of the evolution process is intense, whilst many still attempt to reason and polarize that which is unfolding it is not simply because the stars tell us it is a "full moon" (pink, blue or otherwise) and humans are sensitive to "moons".  We are sensitive to energy and to frequency, it is frequency that is dissolving, anchoring and expanding and as such it is our resonance with said frequency which is altering. As it alters our picture and our understanding of that which is our outer waking reality also alters because it has been held static due to the false lower frequency that this dimensional space has contained us within.

The process is just this, a process and it is ongoing.  Soon humanity will run out of logical and reasonable "validations" for that which is unfolding for it is only just beginning. When we take a knot out of a ball of string, a knot that has prevented said string unraveling the momentum of the unraveling speeds up. Now we will see the dissolving of that which was static decay reach new levels and we will be held in the fear and denial phase of the process if we default to the human logical mind continually.

Chaos has a pattern that is out with logic and reason and the heart understands this fully, it is now time to navigate with our heart defying our human logical mind and our human eyes as they attempt to enforce that which is not TRUTH, as they attempt to enforce the very conditioning that creates the disCHORD.    We are asked to be in harmony with wider creation and this involves the full surrender of all that is not TRUTH, that which keeps us separate and in full rebellion.  We have the choice of LOVE in TRUTH or rebellion, one leads to harmony and understanding the other to frustration and distress, the choice is always ours for we are the only ones that are at the beginning of the thread. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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