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Healing beyond the Old earth construct/matrix in TRUTH

We in this our human physical form are conditioned to search for answers that exist only within the old earth construct/matrix PHYSICAL illusion.  We are also heavily conditioned to search using only the parameters of logic and reason. As with any "search" the results will omit everything and anything that does not match with the search parameters we have used.  This very simple and very effective conditioning holds humanity in a loop that seeks to solve itself using the tools that are being used to create the actual illusion. This Catch 22 scenario is deliberate and has been used successfully for eons. It is only by stepping out of the parameters of logic and reason that we begin to pick up the trail of TRUTH and as we walk further along the trail begin to reach understanding.

It is to be noted that understanding is not the same as knowing. We can know millions and zillions of facts and figures about a subject but our understanding is limited if we have not allowed the very physical experience of said facts and figures to bring us to understanding. The human logical mind does not reach understanding it only knows how to reference knowledge, in TRUTH understanding is reached through the heart space and then presented to the human logical mind in a way that it can work with.  This is the polar opposite of how humanity are conditioned within the old earth construct/matrix.

Indeed many within humanity are attempting to use the search parameters of the logic and reason as weapons. Turning on their fellow humans and describing them as "asleep", "lost" etc. This does nothing to further understanding it just creates further division within a construct that is based on division.  It has long been stated that there will be those who defend the actual construct itself and it has been assumed that those who are defending it are those who are refusing to "wake up", in TRUTH those who defend it are those who are using logic and reasoning to hit those who are asleep over the head with.  Logic and reasoning are the birth parents to the labyrinth that humanity are trapped within.

It is through our heart space that we reach beyond and it is through our heart space that we tread softly past those wielding said weapons for logic and reason can never be brought into the new earth as a foundation stone.  Logic and reason are the Adam and Eve of Genesis, the parents of a false picture, using various weapons to keep humanity at the Cross.

Christ died on the Cross to reveal TRUTH, He did not die on the Cross in order for humanity to pull out nails and wood and copy him. This TRUTH is denied by the construct of religion which seeks to install Christ within logic and reason and in doing so deny His actual message to humanity itself.

At this time we are being shown the wounds that logic and reason have inflicted internally upon our heart space, the war between the heart and the mind is real and is played out daily within the old earth construct/matrix, rewards are for logic and reason, chastisement is saved for the heart space.  It is in our surrender IN Christ that we find the healing that is required in order to heal these wounds and to remove the nails from our hands and feet.

We are not required to sacrifice in order to achieve anything, we are asked to heal in order that we strengthen our heart, for it is our heart that leads us where logic and reason cannot go.  It is now time to step towards the operating table where the operation has gone on forever and understand that the patient being worked upon and healed through said operation is ourselves and the operating surgeon is Christ Himself.

Recovery follows the operating procedure and many within the expansion process are now being prepared to go into the recovery room, it is in the recovery room that we gain our deepest understanding of our human life experience and gain the strength that we require to get back on our feet, in a new life experience, in a new frequency with a new understanding. The recovery room is placed outside the operating theater in order that we go from one to the other immediately and are not interrupted in said process.Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new 2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)  ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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