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Healing the WOUND of Separation thru UNITY

WE ARE never more blind than when we believe that to close our heart space protects us. Indeed the closing of the heart space for "protection" is one of the most misunderstood aspects of healing and expansion. As we work more and more closely with the Archangels there will come a point where the Archangel steps forward and places its wing on the entrance to our human heart space. Archangels have specific CREATION in TRUTH missions as it were and they do not deviate from said mission.

At this time the separation, trauma and division is becoming more and more visible. Indeed over the past few linear years this has come more and more to the fore where we can now actually physically see the pain in the people around us. Trying to move this pain from people is NOT the purpose of this our human life experience. This may come as a shock to many who believe that in order to aid humanity somehow they have to heal humanity. WE DO NOT HEAL, WE SIMPLY BECOME THE VESSEL THRU WHICH HEALING TRANSMUTES THE PAIN OF THE EXPERIENCE.

Such is the depth of pain of this race that we would simply feel akin to being hit by a truck if we tried to do this without a connection to SOURCE and without a connection thru Christ Himself. It is not possible in this our human physical form to hold the space for the depth of healing that is now opening for this race. Many who have stepped into the role of "healer" are now getting this message loud and clear from HEAVEN in TRUTH. WE ARE with HEAVEN in TRUTH, the Archangels pour their messages and their healing thru us and we share this with humanity.

At this time the wings of the Archangels are poised over the human heart space of those who are now ready to move into the next phase of this evolution process. The message that requires to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR by those the Archangels stand in front of is this YOU ARE LOVED BEYOND ALL MEASURE. The color of pink, the crystal ROSE QUARTZ and the feathers of the OWL are all placed around you in order that you can now allow the touching of the deep heart space by the Archangels.

It is GABRIEL who blows the trumpet, signalling the end of suffering, Gabriel is the messenger from HEAVEN in TRUTH that now delivers the messages to those who walk with HEAVEN in TRUTH and who have incarnated into human physical form in order that they can converse, validate and understand the pain of those whom they have a message for.



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