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For many at this time it is a time that is awash with the sadness of what has happened and that which will never again be experienced thru the human physical vehicle for that which unfolded approx 2 linear years ago closed a door that will NEVER open again.

This is understood more fully deep within the heart space for humanity in general run thru the human life experience a bit like a relay race, trying to get ahead of each other, trying to "win" that which is unwinnable. In TRUTH humanity are akin to the proverbial hamster on a wheel. Ask any of the current generation what they are rushing towards and none of them know. All they know is that the pace of "life" increased and they have to keep up with it.

WE ARE asked at this time to find the space within the spaces and to sit deep within the silence that only occurs within these spaces. To take time out from the sheer volume of the FLOOD waters that now escape and begin to build up within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". The deafening roar of a frequency that has only one purpose and that is to REAP humanity.

For those who came from Wider Creation in TRUTH this is akin to sitting within the ARK, hearing the rain lash the boat, hearing the screams and cries of a race that simply did not listen let alone believe when they were told that there is a choice. The choice of course is TRUTH or non TRUTH, there is no other choice. This is the parting of the seas, the defining of a time line that was always to end this way. This may sound like doom and gloom but from the ASHES arises TRUTH, it is forged in FIRE and is impenetrable.

TRUTH is that which we will see arise out of the OCEAN of GRIEF and the FLOOD WATERS. Much like NOAH when he sent out the dove to find land, the land that is found is TRUTH itself and it is that which we stand upon. We sail towards this at this time, the ARK is the covering of HEAVEN in TRUTH, the frequency "boat" that protects us from that which reaps this dimensional space. In the ARK are placed that which is TRUTH in order that TRUTH can be moved fully into place.

We took this human physical form in order that the human race could be moved into TRUTH. They will build from TRUTH and walk in TRUTH on TRUTH. We took the deepest ancestral lineage pain families, those that have been used to keep this dimensional space afloat and we claimed them in TRUTH. We have spent aeons dissolving the false frequencies in order that the seeds could be placed upon the ARK, so that Creator thru Christ could have the human race JOIN Wider Creation in TRUTH.



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