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For many at this time the outer waking reality is a place that makes little to no sense, this blindfold is taken off for those who are able to move their FREQUENCY beyond the bandwidth that is closing down. For those who can see the spiritual war at a physical solid level the evidence of where we are may be shocking. For millenia it has been written that this time will come and thanks to the media and the false reference points that were instilled within the dimensional space referenced as "earth" the veils hiding it have held. Now the veils are dissolving.

The war for the CONTROL of the human physical vehicle is now fully underway. Building blocks of life are those which are in place from the biological level within the human physical vehicle. What we are asked to do at this time is CLOSE DOWN the corridors that allow access by those who work at lower dimensional frequency bandwidths. If we do not close down the corridors then the seeds of FEAR will still blow thru them like tumbleweeds. If these seeds take hold then the integrity of the entire human physical vehicle will be compromised.

Spirit in TRUTH will not bow to non TRUTH, it cannot live in a housing that has squatters already inside of it. Spirit in TRUTH demands a clean and welcoming house. This has been misinterpreted thru the religious rote and ritual that has been conditioned deeply within the human race. We are not asked to bow to human rote and ritual, we are asked to go deep into our heart space and remove the LITTER that has been permitted to accumulate within the housing that we inhabit. Our human physical vehicle is the housing to our Spirit in TRUTH.

The movement to chemically alter the structure of the human physical vehicle is deeper than that which is presented at this time. To change the biology of the blueprint of humanity is part of the process of seeding for the NEXT crop. I have written extensively on the seeding of humanity and how every 2 thousand human linear years a fresh crop is planted and then honed and harvested at the end of said 2 thousand year cycle. WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE 2 thousand year cycle.

Our placing in this timeline is deliberate for in order to break the cycle of the reseeding of the human race and to end the slavery of said race the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH incarnated thru the dimensional space referenced as "earth'. They sit in the family lineages that have the grain stores for the next seeding crop. It is their presence within said family lineage lines that prevent the reseeding, they sit akin to protesters in front of the grain store. NO ENTRY they state for WE ARE TRUTH and this is blasphemy to treat a race this way.

The Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH are now waking to their Creation in TRUTH purpose and Creator is now speaking with them. The harvesting of this race will not occur for it will end but this end will not appear as such to the human race. The ending of their slavery will appear to be the disintegration of their entire way of living and being, such is the control , the manipulation and the conditioning that this race are subject to.

Much like a prisoner who has never been permitted out of their cell, the human race will not willingly leave the prison. They have gotten extremely friendly with the guards, they have decorated their prison cells to the point that they do not even remember why they are in prison or what they are accused of. The door to the cell is now open , the choice is whether they walk thru the door and out into Wider Creation in TRUTH or they ask the guards to lock the door again and remain in their cell.

As WE ARE from Wider Creation in TRUTH we will be opposed by Creator Himself if we attempt to remain even in the cell block never mind the individual cells. We did not come here to spend our entire life experience trying to coax humanity out of the prison. We came to show them what happens when the prison is exited. We are now asked to keep walking, to ignore the shouts of the prisoners who will try to tempt us to stay, some of them are being used by the guards as cover, trying to tempt us back within their area for the guards are FREQUENCY BOUND. THEY CANNOT LEAVE THE PRISON BLOCK EITHER.

We are now approaching the EVENT HORIZON, be prepared, LOVE WINS for in TRUTH LOVE IS ALL THERE IS IN TRUTH.



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