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Hidden in plain view in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are limited severely by relying on our human eye sight to the detriment of all our other senses.  Often we will place so much focus on that which we see we will ignore that which we SENSE.  The very human phrase "this makes no sense" hides this TRUTH as does all human language. For many who are now in the early stages of the awakening the need to use sense above vision is becoming more and more vital.  For those who awoke in the linear time frame of a few years ago there was a sort of gentle awakening that came along with a practicing of the very sense that keeps us safe and allows us to side step that which is hidden right in front of us and which will begin to affect us if we do not adjust our step.

This has not been afforded to those who are now awakening and there is a sort of chaotic unfolding that is permitting those who can and who now refuse to use sense over sight to hijack the very awakening process that is now coming to an end. There is no longer a need to awaken to that which is unfolding for the majority of the population because they do not affect in any way that which is now coming to pass.

The false teachings of the central mass of population are borne out of logic and reasoning.  LIGHT is a higher frequency than the denser lower dimensional frequencies that created this dimensional space.  It is logic and reason that states mass percentage and is something that has bound many with its reasoning.  We are stepping beyond prophecy and the time to awaken is passing.  There is no requirement because even the most asleep human being is now being affected by everything that is occurring.

You do not need to be aware of walking to walk, most is muscle memory, we do not for example concentrate nor need to know how to walk, we walk because we have learned to walk.  This TRUTH remains out of reach for many who are using their anger to vent on the population that they BELIEVE is causing the stagnation that appears in our outer waking life experience when we have stopped moving in the direction that is TRUTH.

Many are now waiting at the crossroads, allowing mind to rule over heart. Movement into the higher frequencies is navigated using the heart space first and foremost. This is the polar opposite of how humanity are taught to experience human life and it takes a little bit of practice to use this navigation. It sees us move away from that which is sitting waiting to pounce and there are plenty.

For those who have watched the films BIRDCAGE and the film THE SILENCE you will note that in both films sensory deprivation was used to AID those who navigated the pathways within both films.  In this dimensional space that we have been born into we are conditioned to make a lot of noise and often it is noise with no end.  The world is a very very loud place but the noise means nothing. It is when we are still that we can listen in TRUTH, it is when we stop using our human eyes alone that we can sense that which requires to be addressed.  To simply default to the human eyes and ears is playing into the very landscape that is littered with the hidden ones that seek to remain hidden due to the overuse of sound and vision.

At this time we are navigating a very narrow path indeed.  It takes restraint to remain in silence when all we want to do is shout and to be heard but safety is the key in the next phase of the evolution process. Why would we announce to all and sundry that we are exiting when the very announcement causes a battle that DOES NOT REQUIRE TO BE FOUGHT?  Why would we walk blindfolded across the road using only our human eye sight only to be run down by the invisible to human eyes car that is waiting to run us over?

The human logical mind cannot accept these concepts because it seems like fantasy but those who have awakened and who are now beginning to realize that the fantasy  is that there is nothing around us that is seeking to reap, to harvest and to manipulate. The fantasy is that we live in a safe dimensional space.   This is what is now illuminating and we are prepared. We have always been prepared. The life experience that we have lived in this our human form has prepared us for we are no longer that which we were born into. We have begun to evolve and now that we are reconnected back to the SOURCE OF LIFE ITSELF which is LOVE in TRUTH then the pathway will illuminate.

It is LOVE that leads the way and we must now dull the senses that were heightened deliberately in the war zone that we were born into in order that we now walk quietly out the exit door that will appear before us.  The spiritual PTSD that many have endured will begin to ease and to heal as we now adopt these new strategies and begin to walk with LIGHTNESS of being and softness of HEART in TRUTH. For many who claim spiritual warrior we ask that you understand very clearly that the battlefield is not only noise and mayhem, many many wars are won in complete silence with the enemy unaware of all, any and every movement of the victor.  in order to enforce the victory that is already won we are now asked to be still and to move with the skill and precision required in order to be like the wind and the rain, both a force of nature that are seen other than they are in TRUTH by many. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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