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Hiding from the Beast in TRUTH

Within this physical human form we seek to find solace, we seek this solace in a myriad of different ways and we are conditioned to place our seeking out side of our human physical form. For many at this time the world around them is a confusing place, one which makes little sense and for which there is little reason.  Within our core family structure there is a root that is hidden and as with all that is hidden it is fully protected. We can all find a family member who we tried to placate and in the placating is the protection of the root that seeks to remain hidden.

As the pressure the outer waking reality seeks to place on the human life experience itself now intensifies our personal relationships feel under attack.  This of course draws our attention from the root that seeks to remain hidden.  We may attempt to salve those around us in the understanding and assumption that keeping them quiet and then doing our own thing is the route to take but this merely strengthens the protection of the host root.  Each generation has a protector of the root frequency and each generation will seek to destroy anything that attempts to take out said root frequency.

Those who are within the expansion in TRUTH process are being shown said root frequency and as the work is done to move beyond this the protectors of this frequency will make themselves known but not at a physical waking level. Such is the illusion presented that at a waking everyday life experience level they will simply appear to be who we ASSUME they are whilst attacking spiritually.

It is in our dream time where most of the attack takes place, we may have very vivid dreams in which symbols are used to reveal to us that which is unfolding and we may wake feeling very out of sorts and even deflated. We may feel more tired than before we went to sleep and all is an attempt to hide the vessel that hosts the keeper of the root frequency.

Working within our surrender IN Christ sees us moved beyond the confusion and frustration that these spiritual attacks create.  We will find ourselves facing that part of ourselves where the root seeks to latch on and to be grafted onto.   It is entirely possible for a root frequency to find a spiritual crack and then move in.  This of course is hidden to those who work at a spiritual level and who deny the route that Christ walks in TRUTH.  It sees them become the protectors of the very root that they are attempting to carve out and sees a hosting set up that blinds those involved.

At this time we are being shown the root frequency and the protectors of said frequency.  This is done so that we can understand at a PHYSICAL WAKING LEVEL that which is playing out. The human life experience is layered, it exists on various dimensional spaces and we have to be aligned to TRUTH ON ALL LEVELS in order for them to collapse and the road to remain firm. Any spiritual crack will see a split in the path and as this is not TRUTH we will not be able to continue to walk said path. Darkness knows this and works to blind us to those who are able to walk towards us spiritually.

The assumption that humanity hold and which is used to blind them is that if someone shows no signs of being spiritually aware at a physical waking level then they are not aware at a higher level. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM TRUTH, indeed it is those who are giving the impression that they exist and are aware only at a physical waking level that are the "sleeping soldiers" of darkness.  Spiritual war is not played on a spiritual battlefield alone, war is war and all rules are suspended in a war scenario. Darkness knows this and even those who assume that they have walked off the battlefield will find that at a physical everyday waking mind level there is opposition.

Christ sources us back to the hidden protectors, who in their denial of anything other than the physical realm work to protect said physical realm.  These sleeping soldiers can be removed but only when we have understood their entire reason for rebellion. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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