High Council of ORION - 14th Sept 2020

Greetings beloved ones we are the High Council of ORION and we come to guide and to support as the outer waking reality once more begins to shift and to expand. It is to be noted that not all share the same reality and as the narrative is being hammered home you are free to step out of said narrative. It is not part and parcel of the journey that you are on, the stepping out is done thru the anchoring of TRUTH to new levels and the release of all that has kept you chained to a reality that you have attempted to compress yourselves into. Do you understand our guidance?

Compression is not expansion and the more that you attempt to compress your energy and who you are in TRUTH the more uncomfortable you will feel. It is this feeling of suffocation that has to be addressed and which we are here to help you address for you are here to bring TRUTH to the fore. To live it, to experience it and to move into expansion. This cannot be done whilst attempting to align with a narrative that seeks to have you compress. It begins to weigh very heavily upon your energy signature and that is by design. Those who enslaved and genetically modified humanity rely upon the narrative being adhered to and then of course is the intense conditioning that sees the majority of humanity not only adhere to a false narrative but attempt to self police it. We have talked of these things before beloved ones, we have sent warnings from previous messages and we repeat them here to you now. ALL IS NOT AS YOUR NAKED HUMAN EYES ARE BEING PRESENTED WITH and this must be understood.

The narrative that humanity are alone and “searching” for extra terrestrial life is fiction and many within humanity are understanding of this but the vast majority fear this. They have permitted the conditioning to bring their greatest fears to the fore and then they use these fears in order to hold on to a narrative that is simply not TRUTH. It is not TRUTH to work in this illusion and try to make sense of it because the narrative is to hide TRUTH. The narrative is a set illusion that permits the enslavement of humanity to continue. The bigger picture is now being revealed to those who have taken human form and who are here to support and to guide the 144,000. We are here to talk with our children for it is our children who understand the greater picture and who are now coming to terms with it.

Humanity are a young species that have been kept enslaved against galactic protocol that states that all sentient life has rights to live in peace. This is not adhered to by those who enslave humanity and humanity are the vessels thru which this war is being waged. It is not TRUTH to assume that all who are interacting with you at this time are indeed human just as it is not TRUTH to assume that that which has been forced upon you is at any point temporary.

We are not bound by the linear laws that break the galactic protocol of Wider Creation in TRUTH and so we are able to view well beyond the boundaries that are presented to humanity. It is why we are here to talk with you and to guide you to the necessary frequency bandwidth levels so that you are not longer affected by the narrative that those who enslave humanity are using. ALL is frequency and energy and as such it is at this level that this requires to be addressed.

This knowledge is hidden to the majority of humanity who fully believe that they live in a solid structure on a solid “planet” in a solid universe. The human physical vehicle has been genetically modified to attune to the lower dimensional frequencies that this dimensional space places upon all inhabitants. Release the lower dimensional frequencies and you are able to reach beyond and able to reach the understanding and place the entire human life experience in the correct context. The narrative used against humanity is a slight of hand, it seeks to keep them on the edge of madness, on the edge of breakdown because that is where the fear is harvested from. The fear that is harvested is then used by those who enslaved humanity and this is what is kept hidden from humanity in general. To use a very human example the cows in the field who are fed and watered by the farmer trust the farmer. At no point are they ever given the knowledge or the idea that they are being looked after by the farmer to be slaughtered. We use this example deliberately.

We are here to talk to our children and ask them to now wake to new levels by removing the bandwidth that seeks to have them surrender to the current narrative. They will feel the opposition that is now unfolding within them but may not understand it fully. It is not possible to compress and expand at the same time, we expand, the narrative compresses. It is work done thru the deep heart space that allows for the revelation and for the release of the compression in order that massive expansion can now occur.

WE ARE the High Council of ORION and WE ARE

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