High Council of ORION 15th August 2020

Beloved ones WE ARE the High Council of Orion and WE ARE with you. We have chosen to come thru our beloved Karen in order to validate who WE ARE to you. For many of you she is a remembrance and we ask that you allow the remembrance to intensify.

We talk to humanity in order to prepare them for that which will now unfold at a general everyday waking life experience level known as "life". Many of you who are conversant with our energies and our frequency will recognize the need to have a compass as you now navigate un-chartered waters. WE ARE here to help you and assist you in the navigation from the Old World into the NEW in TRUTH.

WE invite you to share the information in order that we can reach far and wide for our children have called to us and we are now answering them. Many of our children have forgotten who they are in TRUTH, they have remained within humanity, incarnating over and over and in the process have fallen to the illusion that they are to remain being "human" and remain experiencing the lower dimensional frequencies that humanity are kept within in order to understand their pain and suffering. Nothing is further from TRUTH and to our children we reach out now thru Karen to ask them to join us and to remember.

Wider Creation in TRUTH stands ready to assist and to unlock our children because they are here for an important reason. They are the foundation of the new and they are the foundation of the evolution of humanity. Many are more than aware that the human life experience does not make sense to them, many are feeling the intense longing for something "more" and this is the exit from slumber that they require. Our transmissions are designed to trigger for in the triggering is the emotional stimulus that is necessary to jump start the deep heart space. It is within the deep heart space that the memories will begin to surface and we place the following coding before you:


It is necessary to still the human logical mind from the fear that this sets up within the human physical vehicle itself for humanity have been kept in isolation and slavery for eons. As this is not TRUTH it is being addressed but many are attempting to hold on to "what was" for fear of what will be and this is the conundrum that many face. WE ARE aware of this and ask that you take the time to build the spaces that you need in which to reflect. It is in the reflection that you will see TRUTH and you will be able to move to alter that which is not TRUTH.

Fear is a learned response and has been a deeply conditioned response for so long that humanity cannot even remember why they are afraid, only that when that feeling begins to arise within them they wish to run. You cannot outrun fear because it exists only within the human logical mind, it is a conditioned response to change. As change is now sweeping thru the human life experience it is setting off a chain reaction that is akin to mass hysteria and this wave will sweep you along if you allow it. We ask that you go into your deep heart space and ask to remember. You are not asked to be something that you are not, you are asked to let go of all that seeks to tell you who you are in order to stand still. To look at the reflection and begin to understand.

We reach out thru Karen to our children for she knows who they are in TRUTH for she remembers. She came here in order to take human form so that the interface that is presented is one of TRUTH, for we understand how alien it may appear to talk with a race that you have no physical reference points for except that which has been placed in your consciousness. WE ARE, we come thru a human physical vehicle in order that you can clearly hear our words and FEEL our frequency for TRUTH JUST IS.

Our children WE HEAR YOU and WE REPLY in TRUTH.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. www.whispering-universe.com. Message may be shared if author and website is fully stated and transmission remains intact and in full.

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