High Council of ORION - 16th August 2020

Beloveds we come to prepare you for that which is now unfolding across the dimensional space referenced as "earth". For many of our children the past few linear years have seen a yearning begin to build within them as they have begun to sense a shift in frequency. For many of our children the niggling that there is so much "more" has intensified as they have lived within the dimensional space referenced as 'earth". We reach out to you from Wider Creation in TRUTH in order to bridge the frequency space that is between where the edge of the Old Earth Matrix is and where we are in TRUTH.

There is so much that is understood thru the bridge that is created thru Karen in order that we can now align more fully with our children and reach them in this their human physical form. It has always been the plan to have our children in full alignment, if not why would we send them down to a frequency controlled dimensional space? Why would we leave our children to their own devices and simply abandon them? The answer is that we have not however the dimensional space referenced as “earth” is a frequency dense dimensional space. It has been challenging to reach our children thru the intense conditioning frequencies that see the human physical vehicle controlled and contained both internally and externally.

View communication as a frequency bandwidth, we are operating at a much higher frequency than the dimensional space referenced as ‘earth” and it is frequency that is picked up thru the human physical vehicle. For many of our children we will appear on the edge of their vision, for others we simply leave physical clues to follow in order that they can validate our presence. For those like Karen we step into the deep heart space and ask her to remember. We have worked with her repeatedly using frequency, using skulls and using the spaces that she can enter that allow her to prepare her human physical vehicle for that which is unfolding. She is attuned to us because she is us in TRUTH. We share thru her in order that humanity can understand the evolution process that they are currently within and which is being hidden from them thru the frequency bondage that is found within the dimensional space referenced as “earth”.

The journey that Karen has been on is intense as she has found the remnants from the OLD WORLD and sought to remove them fully. We have guided her on said remnants and we have worked closely with her in order that she is now more able to directly adhere to protocol which of course is flouted by humanity unconsciously. It is not pertinent to go into the details for we are aware that it is not only our children who will read these transmissions. We are here to prepare humanity for the up coming battle which is currently being played out thru the media within the dimensional space referenced as “earth”.

We do not come to give advice, we come to reveal TRUTH in order that alignment with the ORION Portal is achieved and the exit route is seen and walked by our children. We have no need to spend linear time on something that is ending for it is foretold by your peoples and yet it is denied by your peoples.

Time is the illusion that is wrapped around humanity that sees them fully believe their naked human eyes and deny that they are out of time. There are those who walk within humanity who have appeared in this dimensional space akin to a spectator and this is against galactic protocol. These “viewers” will be removed for it is blasphemous to simply take a ring side seat and watch a fledgling civilization begin to understand that they have been lied to and denied unity at a galactic level. WE ARE here to aid in the transition process that is now fully underway and which is explained on many levels thru Karen.

It is understanding that is required in order to move into Wider Creation in TRUTH and when understanding is achieved then the entire human life experience takes on another meaning altogether.

WE ARE the High Council of ORION and we sit in witness to that which will now begin to birth thru and around humanity for that is our purpose. It is the purpose of our children to grow and to expand and to remember their home world in order that they can understand their mission to begin with. To explore, to understand and to move this race into TRUTH for without the frequency of TRUTH there is simply a harvest that is taken and then replanted and then taken once more.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. www.whispering-universe.com Reproduction permitted if entire transmission and author copyright is maintained.

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