High Council of ORION - 18th August 2020

Beloveds we are here with you as you now begin to understand that which is being revealed to you in TRUTH. WE ARE here to aid you in the navigation that you require to undertake in order to find the portal and to pass thru it. It is not our way to interfere with humanity and yet we are within humanity, that which many are looking for at this time is a set of step by step instructions which they wish to follow. For a number of reasons that is never given for the whole point of this journey in this your human physical form is to evolve within the human physical vehicle you birthed into.

For many within humanity the idea that anything can be changed is so far out of the ball park that they will result to taunting and to bullying, much like small children in a school yard they will attempt to shout down that which they simply do not understand and we ask for you to become aware of this. Understanding is the key to evolution but it is not a logical process, it will not "make sense" the human logical mind so often you will find yourself attempting to side step it. It is not possible for our children to fully side step the evolution process for they come from Wider Creation in TRUTH pre programmed to accept TRUTH. It is the human physical vehicle that tries to alter this acceptance and tries to change and alter the context in which it can be accepted. THIS IS THE CHALLENGE beloveds, to dissolve the false context and to move into the heart space in order to reach the understanding that the human logical mind denies. It is from the heart that ALL comes, not thru the human logical mind in the first instance, the human logical mind plays catch up if you will, It therefore cannot be used to map the journey beforehand.

WE ask of our children to become more aware of our presence. To pay more attention to the signs and the symbols that we place in the everyday human life experience to encourage you, to validate for you and to connect with you. Karen is aware of these signs and can aid our children in validating the signs and interpreting the symbols that are being used. Symbols are used to bypass human language which has been eroded thru the generations and is used a containment and suppression tool within the Old Earth Matrix. Galactic symbols, language and coding allows for vast amounts of information and communication that human language alone seeks to close down.

We place the following in your outer waking reality:


We ask for you to rest as required at this time, many of our children are going into the false control mechanism that is "thinking" at this time. The human logical mind does not know the way out for it does not see the maze, it believes it is in control and does not see the control mechanism that is it in TRUTH. Therefore human logic will cage your human life experience. It is thru the human physical vehicle as a WHOLE that connection is made. the human physical vehicle is an antenna, it receives frequency and it interprets and decodes frequency. We are asking our children to re-align and to upgrade thru releasing the conditioning that is at cellular level within the human physical vehicle. Upgrading allows the human life experience to become more pliable and flexible and allows for clearer vision to be achieved and maintained.

WE ARE the High Council of ORION and we speak to our children thru Karen for WE ARE .

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