High Council of ORION - 23rd August 2020

Beloved ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to speak with you thru Karen. At this time our children are being guided to the main navigation points that they require in order to understand how they got where they are at this time. This is done to aid in their understanding of how powerful the human logical mid is in respect of direction and of assuming. The power of the human logical mind to present a picture that is other than it appears in TRUTH is astounding and unless our children are given physical experience of how intense the illusion is then they will be very apt to fall to the illusion and not begin to trust their heart space and their knowing.

This will trigger many of our children and we guide this to help you address that which is running internally within you. It is DOUBT and this is put in place from a very early age thru intense family conditioning within the family unit of the Old Earth Matrix itself. How often dear ones have you sought to make a decision only for someone around you to manipulate said decision and then found yourself elsewhere? The deferral of your own inner compass and own inner knowing is used by those who are linked deeply into the human logical mind. NO ONE is more powerful that you in your human life experience and yet this is not the experience that our children have within their own human physical vehicle. For many this is highly confusing, for they come from Wider Creation in TRUTH and they are seeded with TRUTH within their heart space, why would they defer to the human logical mind and not simply hold within their heart?

The answer is within the pain body that surrounds the human physical vehicle, our children are connected to this pain body thru the connections to those around them. This shared grief of humanity is that which is triggered by various trigger points within the Old Earth Matrix itself and travels along the spine within the human physical vehicle. ALL, any and every emotional debris pool is triggered which sees a massive INTERNAL ILLUSION presented that causes intense pain. In order to try to navigate thru this the human physical vehicle defaults to the human logical mind because it perceives that the heart space is to painful to enter.

We are here to address this illusion by guiding our children further into the deep heart space. To reveal to them that the illusion is the human logical mind, that the monster that appears before them is an optical one and one that can be destroyed thru seeking refuge within the human heart and by removing the debris that is causing the optical illusion to prevail. This will see many of our children reach a break thru point that at first glance may appear to be a breaking down point. It is FAITH and TRUST in the process itself that is required.

WE ask why you would default to the options that the Old Earth Matrix offer in respect of pain relief, we ask why you would not use TRUTH to salve your wounds, why you would not use LOVE in TRUTH as the first port of call and we will reveal to our children the false navigation point that prevents them doing this. This is a time of major transition for our children and we are here to validate their experience thru Karen. For she too is going thru the physical process of removal of the false triggers in order that she can now reach further and expanded further. It is to this end that we come thru her in order that she can translate that which is revealed into a form that is easily understood by the human physical vehicle form that our children have taken. This allows for a support to be available where others cannot reach.

TRUTH JUST IS and we now send the following coding to our children:


WE ARE the High Council of ORION and WE ARE

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