High Council of ORION - 3rd Sept 2020

Greetings beloved ones we come to speak thru Karen and we come to greet our children and to advise them that they are not alone, we are here with them and we are talking with them in their own everyday waking life experience. It is often when all distractions are removed that the emotional debris begins to stir and many of our children are assuming that they have been left high and dry. This is a logical response to that which is set in place in order to “touch” the emotional debris that requires to be worked with and released. A vessel that is anchored into by SPIRIT in TRUTH requires an empty vessel, not one that is hoarding the previous “owners” belongings and we use this analogy deliberately.

Our children are being asked to sweep clean the vessel that is their human physical vehicle in order that changes can be made, updates rolled out and mission parameters downloaded and decoded. This is interrupted by the SOUL which stands as a barrier between the Old Earth Matrix and Wider Creation in TRUTH. This internal barrier is that which is hit when stasis begins to be enforced in the human life experience itself. When you hit the wall beloved ones the wall is internal and is kept in place and enforced thru the SOUL remnants that sit at DNA/RNA level within the human physical vehicle itself. In order to address this the release of the sentries must be achieved and they come in the form of internal enforcement that is held in place thru family ancestral lineage. We work with our children personally and thru Karen to address this.

ORION are now increasing their presence within the human race and this is being seen and reacted to by those who are in opposition to the release of humanity. WE ARE working with this and we have put in place various energetic upgrade frequencies in order that this can be bypassed. We are not asking our children to go to war for that is not TRUTH, we are asking our children to rise in frequency in order that the war simply walks around them. Frequency is that which is held in place thru the internal barriers that humanity were taught to hold on to. Losing these barriers does not mean the end, it means the beginning and many are being fooled into believing that somehow they have a duty of care therefore they cannot do the work that is asked of them. This is a logical and very disturbing aspect of the human logical mind protocols that are enforced within the Old Earth Matrix. This sees a stasis set in of how do I? What will happen? With various questioning scenarios unfolding that keep the human physical vehicle locked into a dimensional pocket. The way out of this beloved ones is to seek the shelter that is always available within the heart space. The human logical mind is a force for the Old Earth Matrix and works against the process that is now unfolding within humanity.

We are here to address this thru the various transmission sessions that we are asking Karen to bring into form. We wish to speak directly with our children and we do this thru the human physical vehicle of Karen to reach the human physical plane on which our children live. We ask that you work to align with the frequency information and protocols that come thru her voice and communication. The blending process is already beginning and many of our children will now come online as it were. Able to understand that they have a purpose that is in alignment fully with TRUTH.

We welcome your questions and your interaction dear ones for you are not alone.

WE ARE the High Council of ORION.


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