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High Council of ORION message 4th December 2022

Welcome beloved ones WE ARE the High Council of ORION and we stand with YOU at a time of heightened chaos in the outer waking reality. The heightened chaos is presented to attempt to have YOU stand down and not continue to reach over the wall as it were. Do YOU understand our guidance beloved ones?

Once YOU reach the wall then the journey begins to first of all acknowledge said wall, then to scale the wall then to see over the wall before then dissolving said wall. The wall is the backlash of humanity, it is a WAILING WALL, do YOU understand our guidance beloved ones? do YOU see the symbology, of all who attempt to whine YOU back into submission, who raise voices, who weep, who cry all to have YOU step back from the wall.

Why do they not wish YOU to acknowledge the WALL? because the WALL is that which is holding YOU to the betrayal, to the abandonment and the division and trauma of the family lineage. They are sent by darkness to interrupt YOU on YOUr journey in order that YOU remain where YOU are protecting darkness. For in not walking thru the wall YOU deny the very core of YOUr very BEing, do YOU understand our guidance?

WE ARE here with YOU in order to aid YOU in not only acknowledging said wall but of moving towards it and then thru it to that which lies beyond. What lies beyond is what they cannot move into for they are in human form, and they remain trapped in the lies and the rote and ritual of their DNA. YOU have done the work to clear this, it is an optical illusion that the mind presents to YOU, telling YOU that if you go thru the wall there is danger and there is an abandonment of SOUL CONTRACT, this is non TRUTH and is not supported.

As YOU begin to work more deeply with this YOU will be shown the binding, the lack of respect, the lack of LOVE in TRUTH and the games that are played in order to keep YOU obedient to what they require, not what YOU ARE.

WE ARE the High Council of ORION and WE ARE.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved, article may not be reproduced and remains the property of Karen Doonan at all times.


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