High Council of ORION message 8th Jan 2021

Welcome Beloved ones we are the High Council of ORION and we come to guide and support at a time of MASSIVE transformation within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". We speak to ALL which includes the Children of ORION who have incarnated to move the frequency within humanity at a human physical vehicle form level.

As you now begin to vibrate and align with a higher more powerful frequency you will begin to notice the physical changes and shifts that occur at an atomic level within the human physical vehicle core itself. For many of the Children of ORION these changes can be life changing as they work predominately with the skull collective and the support that the skull collective give them allows them insights into that which lies beyond the veil that is termed "death" to humanity.

ORION work closely with HEAVEN in preparation for the movement thru the HEAVENS that must take place in order that the human physical vehicle is aligned with WIDER CREATON IN TRUTH directly. The veil that is termed "death" has its roots within the cellular structure of the human physical form and these roots must be dissolved before entry to and beyond the HEAVENS is permitted. This is akin to walking with a metal stone in your shoe and having to go thru a metal detector, in order to successfully pass thru the metal detector unharmed you must remove the metal stone from your shoe. So it is with the human physical vehicle and WE ARE working closely with the Children from ORION and ALL in order that this is both understood and completed as the band widths are moved thru and beyond.

It is not necessary to hold on to anything that is within the dimensional space referenced as "earth" this is an understanding that is re enforced thru Galactic Protocol for ALL and the Children of ORION. This is to protect humanity as well as the human physical vehicles that ALL and the Children of ORION have incarnated into at this time. This understanding is connected to deep within the heart space and we guide for you all to move further into the deep heart space where you will find both validation and further support at this time.

WE wish to place the following coding in the viewpoint for our CHILDREN:












KEY 22






WE ARE the High Council of ORION and WE ARE.

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