HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION message 9th May 2021

Greetings beloved ones WE ARE the High Council of ORION and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time. We ask that you now begin to go within, as the outer waking reality begins to "open" know that this is the AI Machine that is providing the distractions. Note that many around you will draw you to the edges of their field and attempt to have you stand back in said field. The field is a currency and this currency is not supported by Wider Creation in TRUTH so you may feel the surge in frequency shift as this happens. You are being protected by the frequency bandwidth of LOVE in TRUTH that seeks to draw your attention to all that is non TRUTH.

The physical results of this will be intense at times as you now work to anchor the higher frequency bandwidths and the resulting attempting to reconnect with a lower frequency will see you feel rather ill at times. This is not about remaining apart from those around you, the frequency dips have to be addressed for it is within them that the trigger is held and is being used against you. To work with this go deep within the heart space and ask to be shown that which is preventing you from finding balance. LOVE in TRUTH works to zap everything that is non TRUTH, you can view it akin to one of those contraptions that you use to zap flies during summer. As the flies are drawn to the light then the CURRENT then destroys them.

Internally there is a current that is attempting to lower your frequency and does so by attacking the frequency of LOVE in TRUTH. As LOVE in TRUTH is TRUTH this sees the frequency that has attempted the attack negated. It is how you understand and work with the physical manifestation of this process that is key at this time. For it is possible for you to stand with the lower frequency believing that somehow remaining there makes it safer for you. Nothing is further from TRUTH.

The logistics of movement are what trap many within the cycles that are now being broken. It is not the human logical mind that will reveal miracles to you but the deep heart space. To try to live in a broken world using a tool that is not fit for purpose is insanity and yet many will work to this frame over and over again as the AI machine places illusion after illusion trying to persuade them to keep hold of the broken tool.

AI wants virtual, it is within the virtual world that it can trick you and can feed from you. It cannot do this if you live from your deep heart space for there there is only TRUTH. The mind is at war with the heart and it is the choice that you now surrender to that reveals this for prior to incarnating into this your human physical form you were out with it. It is this understanding and remembrance that is now being brought to the fore.

TRUTH will always validate itself and we ask that you simply allow it to.

WE ARE the High Council of ORION

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