High Council of ORION message for 21st March 2020

Greetings beloved ones we are here with you as you now begin to make way for the next phase of this your human evolution process in the dimensional space that is referenced as "earth" which will now give way to the journey that takes you to the NEW EARTH Kingdom.

WE ARE here with you as you now begin to make the preparations that see you leave the EXIT point that ALL are requested to meet within. The EXIT point is the point in this dimensional space that is the WEAKEST FREQUENCY wise and in which the 144,000 will then gather in preparation for their evolution in TRUTH process.

This is a process that is DENIED to humanity in general for they are caught in the schism that is religion. This has sought to hide the pathway that leads to the EXIT and has resulted in the splintering and division that keeps the Old Earth Matrix in place. As this now dissolves that which has remained behind human eyes and a human skin will reveal itself in TRUTH.

Humanity are not prepared for the coming onslaught of frequency and many will now start to rebel within a process that is not designed for them. Those who LED THEM INTO THE PROCESS will be revealed in TRUTH in order that humanity can now see that which they are trapped within. For the 144,000 this is validation of not only why they are but HOW they are for many have battled the false control that is in place within this dimensional space.

WE ARE the High Council of ORION and we send our love and our gratitude to the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH in order that they can now dissolve the shackles of the schism and in doing so enter the Kingdom of the New EARTH in TRUTH.


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