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High Council of Orion message for 3rd December 2022

Greetings beloved ones WE ARE the High Council of ORION and it has been some human linear time since we have spoken with you. Allow us to reassure YOU that we have to allow some understanding to birth thru YOU in order that we could communicate at this "time". The human life experience is experienced thru linear time however we sit outside this experience so in our space there has been no time that has passed.

We have allowed our channel to walk a path that has opened up her eyes to the ways in which humans follow and how they are manipulated in their following thru the emotional residue that is kept deep within their DNA and the RNA. We have to allow this walk for her to grow and to reach the level of understanding that she now stands within. Many of YOU have gone on similar walks and now we all meet HERE in TRUTH.

Welcome back our beloved children, we have watched as YOU have challenged, been challenged and YOU have anchored more and more TRUTH. It is now from this space that we can communicate to the deeper levels required. When we last communicated the outer waking reality looked relatively solid, now YOU can understand how non solid it is in TRUTH thru the events that have shocked the race that YOU have birthed into and have walked within.

Now WE ARE here to guide YOU more fully as YOU begin to integrate the higher dimensions with YOUr physical vehicle and in doing so birth into the space beyond what humans live within. This is a journey that is fully supported by the High Council and ALL who sit upon said council.

We place the following coding to aid you at this time:














We ask that YOU keep the deep heart space open as YOU now begin the next phase of YOUr human life experience in TRUTH.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved, No permission is granted to share this message and it remains copyright of Karen Doonan at all times.


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