• Karen Doonan

High Council of Orion Welcome Message

Greetings beloved ones we come to share our message and to aid in the preparations that will now unfold within you as you now gain more understanding and abilities in order to reach the BRIDGE and to cross to ALL.

Many of you have spent a long time within the confines of the human logical mind and are now on the edge of various breakthru's in relation to that which is holding you in situ. It is the illusion presented by a logical mind that seeks to have an "order" to the outer waking reality that is the main hostage taker and we work with ALL at this time to address this within the human physical vehicle at this point.

We now reach beyond that which has unfolded thru the Old Earth Matrix in relation to your ability to understand our messages and will be reporting to each group en masse. The Starseeds, the E.T's, the Travelers and the Angelics will now be meshed with ALL in order that understanding thru your human physical form can be reached and worked with.

We thank you for your walk within humanity and we now gather ALL in preparation for this next phase of your process.

"YOU cannot fail at what you came here to BE"

We are the High Council of Orion, be in peace for WE LOVE

(c) Karen Doonan , all rights reserved