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How our humanity is used against us in TRUTH

For many at this time it is a time of abject fear and anxiety. We are conditioned heavily by the Old Earth Matrix that we must be "strong" and that if we look at our emotions too deeply that somehow they are our "weakness". Nothing is further from TRUTH and many at this time are now understanding that in order to stand in TRUTH we have to address our own emotional landscape.

Galactic Protocol demands that we approach Wider Creation in TRUTH with a clean sheet as it were. That which keeps the stains on our garment is that which we hide from ourselves. It is deceptively easy to use the wrong "fuel" in which to move thru our human life experience. If we are not using TRUTH then we are using the wrong "fuel". At this time the main fuel of choice for many within humanity is anger. We simply cannot use anger as a fuel because it is so toxic.

Using anger as fuel for the human life experience will see us walk in dangerous places, we will find that we lose relationships, jobs, careers and most importantly of all we will lose clarity. We cannot view the outer waking reality thru the "rose tinted glasses" that anger presents to us. Note that the glasses are not red, we do not view thru the color red, but the color that is "rose".

This deception is in full flow at this time and is being highlighted for those who are now to move into the full evolution process. Such is the deception presented that we will be taken fully aback when we begin to understand that which we are being shown at this time. We will be surrounded by those who VALIDATE THE ANGER and this makes it tricky to accept, however TRUTH JUST IS and we will be held in a holding pattern until we accept that we are using the wrong fuel.

For those who can relate to the emotional debris that anger leaves within the human physical vehicle the experience of the following may manifest: heartburn, stomach disorders, cancer, blood pressure issues, heart attacks and immune system disorders. These can vary in intensity depending on the level of emotional debris that is present. For those who can see the above manifestations as family disease patterns you will also be walking blind, because it is accepted as a family "disease pattern" it will be challenging to view because there is a level of responsibility that is passed from generation to generation.

It it not enough to attempt to change behavior patterns for there are a myriad of manifestations of the root frequency. We require to work deep within the heart space and to take the root of the frequency out. Only then can behavior change and vision clear, until this point we are simply walk blindfold thru a dark room believing that we can see at all.

For support, guidance and more information please visit the main TRUTH Codes website. The Releasing Eden website will shortly be available in book format and describes in detail the emotional debris manifestations that appear as various constructs within the Old Earth Matrix.

TRUTH Codes- Chronicles from ORION is the main foundational book for phase one and is available from AMAZON platforms.



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