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How to dance in the rain in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to place focus and in placing focus we blur the picture that we are being presented with.  As we focus more and more then we begin to alter, to blur and to fragment the larger picture that we are presented and as we do this the room for manipulation grows.  Indeed many manifestations of mental health issues are through the intense placement of focus where those who are looking at an aspect of their human life experience get locked into the focus and are then not able to see beyond the pin pointing that occurs. This has to be addressed at a spiritual level in order that balance can be moved into as the pin pointing shows that there is a spiritual binding in place.  Until said spiritual binding is released then the manifestation and mental health issue will simply continue, it may also manifest in a variety of other ways.

When we are moved into the clearing and cleansing phase of the expansion process we will be shown various PIVOT points in our human life experience. These are revealed in order that we can fully understand the choice that we took and the road that this took us upon through said choice.  It is the UNDOING of this choice at a spiritual level that unties us from the path that said choice placed us upon.  These paths are many and are varied and are viewed through logic and reason as solid. Nothing is further from TRUTH, they are a frequency that was anchored through the acceptance of that which was presented. Remove the frequency and the tether is dissolved, always this is done at a spiritual level, for that which is bound in heaven is bound on earth and vice versa.

The expansion process is not a think your way free process. It deals at the ROOT of the tethering which is always spiritual and always works at an unconscious waking mind level and is as such protected fully by the human logical mind.  As we move more fully through this process we will become more pliable and this is the manifestation of the frequency changes that occur. We move from being in stasis to moving and the resulting movement can be dramatic at times, hoped for outcomes and seemingly far away solutions suddenly resolve themselves in ways we could never have imagined. Relationships suddenly begin to work more harmoniously etc, there is no end to the resolution that can be found when we work at this spiritual level.

At this time as we are moving through the process of cleansing and clearing we must remember that that which we remove is dissolved, it is untied and removed. We must not fall to the human logical mind and its demands that we somehow re experience that which caused the emotional distress in the first place. We are protected fully through our surrender IN Christ and we must remain surrendered, knowing that the issues that are revealed HAVE solutions, we must remain surrendered and allow said solutions to also be revealed. Every shower of rain is followed by a spiritual rainbow and this will now be validated to all who are within this process.

As we move more freely and move into further and deeper understanding of the way that the spiritual realm is used against us at this our human physical waking everyday level of living then we gain in momentum for we can now move in ways that were prevented previously. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan For further support, tools and information on this process please visit the main Releasing Eden Website. 

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