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How to recognize a hidden TRAP in TRUTH

We become blind to that which has become "familiar" and "routine", many within humanity are living on auto pilot which of course is the manifestation of the conditioned response.  At a spiritual level we have to become more and more adept at recognizing that which is attempting to have US interact with IT.  As we move further and further into our heart space and further and further into the frequency of TRUTH we are moving OUT of the frequencies that have sought to hold us.  Whilst the frequency of TRUTH will dissolve all that is not TRUTH the need to dissolve it can become hidden.  So we will FEEL a distinct energetic prod that if we are not aware of,  will allow us to stand back into the box that we have released.

Whilst this does not close the box around us, (we can always choose to move back out of it once more) it delays the full dissolving of said box and allows harvesting to be achieved when in TRUTH no harvesting should be taking place at all.

To put this into everyday human language let us use an example.  Take our nearest and dearest family members. We may have identified that one family member is the one that uses our energy system as a dumpster, we may spend time with this person but then feel exhausted or worse feel almost defeated when we have been in their company.  Contrary to what most people believe the person who lays the trap is not obvious, they remain hidden using those around them to project their frequency onto so that we may incorrectly identify the person who is actually harvesting. The harvester will ALWAYS use slight of hand to remain hidden.   When we have identified the harvester we will then take the necessary spiritual steps to prevent the harvest, but if we do not then follow through with that which is asked of us next spiritually by enforcing our authority at a spiritual level then by DEFAULT we have given permission that has not actually been spiritually denied.

The DEFAULT for ALL, ANY and EVERY spiritual authoritative movement is acceptance, we have to ENFORCE and STATE our spiritual authority and it has to be TRUTH, there is not point just stating in my authority i do not give permission etc. Unless we are stating this in TRUTH then that which has made the movement will simply stand and laugh and carry on. We have to understand the POWER AND AUTHORITY OF TRUTH.

Just as when we weed a garden we must take the weed out by the root, if we do not find the ROOT of the harvesting then we are simply plucking various blades of grass and not affecting anything, it will simply hide and reset itself causing huge frustration to arise and of course harvesting to continue. It is often the most least obvious relative that is the culprit and they will ALWAYS use a decoy or decoys to protect themselves.  It is also worth noting that they no longer need to be in human physical form to harvest, we are spirit first and foremost, the spirit is eternal, it is simply the human physical body that dies and decays.  ENERGY cannot be destroyed, it continues.

Of course in this our human physical form we are conditioned to accept that physical death is the end which it is not and there are many who continue to feed and harvest well after they have left the human physical forms that they took on this physical plane.

WE are asked at this time to become more and more aware of the energetic imprint that is formed around us in any and all interactions with our friends and family. Whilst the outer waking reality would have us point the finger at those in office or in authority at a world level darkness always plays closer to home. We often allow friends and family to blur boundaries that we would enforce with those we do not know so well.  There are many and varied TROJAN HORSES active and sitting reaping completely hidden to those they are reaping from in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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