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Human 2.0 verses ORIGINAL in TRUTH

We have been heavily conditioned to accept that humanity is an original species and that somehow we are evolving.  In TRUTH darkness is taking humanity apart and has been since it was created.  For those who have read the book of Enoch you will understand that humanity did not suddenly appear on planet earth in the Garden of Eden and this false creation story has held humanity in a false story since time began.

It is not TRUTH to assume that there was nothing before we were created, there was and we were separated from our original creator who is our Father YHWY. This separation is kept hidden from the majority of humanity thru the construct of religion which seeks to focus only on the fallen part of humanity, the part that was corrupted and was segregated in order that wider Creation in TRUTH was not.

At this time there is a war on the human form itself, with science pushing perceived boundaries and humanity conditioned to accept that which is not TRUTH thru the non binary (denial of 2) and non gender movement that is gaining ground.  This breaking down of the human form is an attempt by darkness to hide further TRUTH from humanity and seek to explain the division that began in the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve were a template that was not the first, merely a copy and as with all copies as the copy is replicated (generation to generation) it loses its clarity. (If we were to take a photograph and zerox it, it would lose its color, it would lose it focus and its clarity).

The new earth is a frequency dimensional gateway that allows for the full completion of the human form BACK to the original which is found in Genesis 1:27 (KJV).   The separation of worlds ends with the separation of the various "worlds" in order that we find our way BACK.   It is tricky to work with human language because the human logical mind assumes that "back" is reverting or going backwards.  We are in the process of removing all that had us separate and divided from our original form.

This dimensional space is collapsing in on itself. The move to the non binary and gender neutrality and denial of either form is a deliberate manifestation to hide that which is seen by those who are within the expansion in TRUTH process. That of division to the point of collapse. Take for example a cake, we can cut layers in the cake, we can cut slices but there comes a point in the division of said cake where it can no longer support itself and it collapses. We have reached this point in the so called "evolution of species".

It is science that seeks to explain away the various forms of human that have appeared in human history, the various splices and the various forms that have withered and been non sustainable.  At this time we are undergoing a process that sees us revert to our original WHOLE form, a form that will naturally exit the dimensional space that is accepted as a planet floating in space.

As all is frequency and it is frequency that determines that which is both experienced and manifest on the human physical plane this will begin to reveal itself and as it does will be accepted or denied by the frequency that is within the human forms themselves.

Life is not a series of random occurrences and random interactions, all is linked, all is connected and the separation of rogue frequency from TRUTH is almost complete. We do not live within a race that is one species, the book of Enoch clearly explains that which happened prior to the book of Genesis and is why the construct of religion seeks to deny its validity.  It was once part of the general bible but was taken out in order to place the bible in a context that supports the false creation story.

At this time we are viewing the destruction of corruption, we are viewing that which has sought to defend itself rising to the surface and we are viewing that which cannot exist die. It is a time of vast change, of vast expanse and of being able to reach an understanding that has been denied to the inhabitants of this dimensional space since their quarantine.

Do not be fooled by the human exteriors that walk this dimensional space. Distraction is used to fool the naked human eye and the social media stirrings are used to distract, to pull attention away and to confuse deliberately. Just because something appears to be human, sounds human and expresses itself as human DOES NOT MAKE IT HUMAN.

We are vastly more than we see reflected back in the mirror and now external events will push this further as that which has been denied by darkness is now pushed by darkness, pushing many within humanity over the edge at a psychological level.  MIND GAMES are Lucifers trump cards, which is why it is vital that we lead with the heart for the heart can go where the mind sits down and refuses. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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