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Igniting TRUTH to burn thru the lies

WE ARE asked at this time to focus on the inner heart space, this can be challenging especially at a time of major upheaval such as the "festive" season. It is easy to get swept away and to believe the lie that somehow this is "life" and that everyone is in on it except for us.

This "season" is one of the densest and most misunderstood seasons of the calendar which is used to confuse and to confound humanity. It is made up of various rote and ritual that is other than it appears to the naked human eye. WE ARE asked to step out of the false glitter and to stand in TRUTH in order we can now IGNITE TRUTH and allow it to burn thru the layers that are dense and which skew our vision fully.

Many at this time can feel the depth of sadness that is already building below the shiny pictures presented. Of the grief that is now beginning to build for outcomes that never arrived and for time that was "lost". Except that there is no time and no loss, just never ending rote and ritual in order to fuel a reality that keeps prisoners of humanity and makes them believe that they have choices.

At this time we are asked to address our own inner frequency and where it is found to be waivering we are asked to stand in the deep heart space in order to understand what is occurring. WE ARE not asked to simply give up and try to live the lie that is being presented at this time. WE ARE now being given a fresh start, a new way of living thru the human physical vehicle that we are incarnate within, first of all it has to be cleansed fully with the FIRE OF TRUTH and from this all else flows.

WE wait for no one except self, for it is the lie that we are alone, that the I AM is somehow a god that keeps humanity in the rote and ritual that is now being revealed.



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