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We are conditioned in this our human physical form to place our focus on that which is before us and in being conditioned in this manner we are blinded to TRUTH. As  the human physical vehicle in which our spirit resides begins to grow and to age we are blinded by the transformation. We do not see in TRUTH because of the intense conditioning around human "age" and the human vehicle itself.

We only have to look out onto the outer waking reality to see the manifestation of that which sits hidden within humanity. Already at least 2 generations are unable to communicate their needs without some dramatic behavior and without any thought it appears to anyone around them.  The selfishness, pre occupation with self and the general disregard for those around them is the manifestation of that which is hidden, namely the "inner child".

It is to be noted that said "inner child" DOES NOT REQUIRE KID GLOVES NOR TO BE NURTURED because it is a manifestation of the hurt part of our emotional landscape. Just as we would not bow to the demands of a toddler in respect of our adult life decisions (for example not giving in to the demands for extra treats or for extra attention) we do not require to bow to the unseen force that sits hidden within our emotional landscape.

It is the "inner child" which sabotages us at a human adult level.  It is the "inner child" that has us throw our toys out the pram instead of reacting with compassion and understanding when something is said or we are the recipient of behavior which triggers us emotionally.  Humanity could not be further apart emotionally than they are at this time due to the rampaging toddlers that come out to play when we are triggered at an emotional level.

It is the "inner child" who refuses to accept change, it is the "inner child" who holds on to grudges, who judges and who does not play well with others so to speak.  Unless we dissolve this construct internally we will be forever in the storms of our emotional landscape which remains hidden to us because as we are triggered we revert to behavior that we are blind to, once more placing focus on that which is external in order to hide that which is internal in TRUTH.

Lucifer was disobedient, the construct of religion has done a fantastic job (its whole purpose) to give humanity the false teaching that somehow our Creator YHWY sits in judgement of humanity.  This is not TRUTH, this is the perception of Lucifer himself who is akin to a toddler having a tantrum as has created a false reality, placed humanity within it and plays out his inner sandpit desires. ALL THE WHILE teaching humanity that it is because GOD IS JUDGING THEM.

When we have stepped out of our own humanity, our own compassion, our understanding and our RESPECT for those around us then we will be held accountable because such behavior is not TRUTH.  When we demand, when we take, when we step on others to get somewhere we are back in the sandpit and it is Lucifer who whispers in the ears of humanity about 'revenge", 'rights" etc.  All this does is ignite the "inner child" and our human logical mind then uses the reference points from our own childhood in which to justify our behavior.

This cycle needs to be broken, humanity can no longer continue as at least 2 generations are now incapable of actual communication and this is manifesting other serious issues in respect of their mental health and general health.  It is communication, healing and dissolving the bonds that are created within the internal emotional landscape that open the door to healing.  Simply throwing logic and blame do nothing other than hide the root itself.

Knowledge is not power, it is the cage in which humanity remain with the human logical mind adding layers to the bars and containment.

WE ARE IN HUMAN PHYSICAL FORM FOR A REASON and this reason is to LOVE in TRUTH. We do not require to have certificates of achievement, learning or anything else in order to LOVE in TRUTH. IT IS OUR CREATION PURPOSE IN TRUTH.  The human logical mind will whine that this has to happen or that has to happen before we open our hearts to love but this again is "inner child" stuff. NOTHING PREVENTS US LOVING EXCEPT OUR OWN REBELLION.

At this time many will be experiencing the full force of the "inner child" because it fully believes it has a right to control all around it.  In order for us to expand beyond the confines of infancy we must now grow up spiritually and this involves taking responsibility for our own emotions and behaviors. This does not start with somehow the world behaving differently because each person makes up humanity, the problem with the world is the problem individually with each and every one of us because we are conditioned to reference a false love and in doing so we reject LOVE in TRUTH.

We have to begin to treat those around us with compassion and understanding because everyone in this human form hurts and the hurt can only ever be healed with LOVE in TRUTH. It takes nothing at all to be kind to those around us no matter who they are and how they behave.

Its time to put down the swords and to open our hearts as we are now asked to surrender to LOVE in TRUTH in order that our wounds can heal and our eyes can clear.



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