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Illusion versus Reality in TRUTH

We are born into an optical illusion that seeks to condition us to reject TRUTH in favor of said illusion.  The human logical mind fools the human eyes through the use of stored reference points.  If we do not have a reference for something we will simply filter it out and do not see it.  The above picture is an example of an optical illusion and the human eyes will flip between the two pictures attempting to "solve the puzzle" that is not actually there. The information that we are surrounded and flooded with its extra ordinary but most of it is filtered out before we even realize it is there. We are in this human form bound by the reference points and the optical illusions that Lucifer presents as our outer waking reality.

What brings anything to "life" is our personal and physical interaction with something.  The human logical mind will keep going down the rabbit hole attempting to find answers to questions that have no answers because the questions are not relevant to the human life experience but are fully relevant to maintain the optical illusion. For the human logical mind believes it is in control, many within humanity fully believe that the reality that they experience is solid and cannot be changed. This illusion gets stronger and stronger as we age and we begin to live tightly within the invisible reference points that we store within our human logical mind.

The use of technology solidifies this and will intensify the experience.  Anyone who has ever experienced "virtual reality" will understand the depth of the experience. The human logical mind CANNOT make the distinction between virtual and real, the more we play with the virtual world the more it becomes our reality and the physical world begins to dissolve. The younger two generations that are currently being highly manipulated through technology are undergoing this conditioning at this time. Their detachment from the physical waking reality around them evident in their emotional trauma and mental distress when they attempt to walk in the older generations version of reality.  For many within the younger two generations of humanity communication is something that HAS to involve technology, they are becoming as the technology they interact with, the reference points their human logical mind are laying down is creating the virtual world as a reality that they exist within and is separating them fully from their heart space. They live and exist in their human logical mind.  This will continue and will begin to affect the next generation after this as the technology generation begin to procreate and bring technology and  non communication to the next generation of humans.

Many within humanity can see the threat of technology but only see the technology itself, the threat is not the physical technology but in the human interaction with it.  Technology itself is neutral, it JUST IS, it is how it is used and how it is interacted with that causes the damage and the damage is often hidden until it is too late.  Already there are many within humanity who are addicted to their cell phones, continually checking on their social media.  Many within humanity no longer use physical cash, unable to count, to interact or reference it. It is done "contact-less".  The very recent crashing of the Visa/Mastercard servers in Europe briefly illuminated the depth of this conditioning as many simply went into meltdown, unable to use their technology and unable to understand that cash could be used.  For many hard cash is seen as an inconvenience and something no longer required for the race to get ahead of everything is now in over drive.  It is not possible to get ahead of ourselves, we are where we are at any given moment and yet many within humanity are now going at warp speed around the hamster wheels that have become their human life experience.

At this time we are asked to understand that the unfolding of the end of the end of days is now happening. That the "mark of the beast" has already been accepted by humanity and the sterilization and full meltdown of humanity is now underway. It cannot be seen from the human logical mind for it is hidden to the mind deliberately. It can only be detected from the heart space for the heart is not bound to logic and reason.  The heart when fully surrendered to Christ is the only safe refuge available to us in this our human form.

For those who are able to step out of the virtual world there is life, because the virtual world is the human logical mind. It is the mind that Lucifer controls because he cannot enter the deepest heart space of humanity. It is the deepest heart space of humanity that is hidden to humanity itself as it allows the logic and reasoning of the human mind to blind its host to TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remain firm on the Rock that is Christ, to remain fully in our heart space and to let go of the need of the human logical mind to demand for ALL JUST IS and WE ARE IN CHRIST. Kx

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