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IN FLIGHT documentation

As WE ARE now prepared to activate the wings span that we have been prevented from expanding we are asked to allow the documentation to be revealed on all levels of Creation in TRUTH. Taking a human physical form is but one part of the process, we require to activate and balance with our SPIRIT in TRUTH in order that we can bring thru that which is denied by the human race and anchor it physically on the physical plane that the human physical vehicle exists upon.

Without doing this it remains at arms length to us and is akin to standing next to a sword in a glass case. We require to actively carry the sword in our hands. Many are attempting to flee the physical plane and this will be opposed. Prophecy states that all will become physical and we are asked to understand this by allowing all denial frequency to be dissolved deep within the heart space.

The physical plane is revealed when ALL VEILS are removed. View the veils akin to dimensional echoes, they are whispers of other realms and other lives, they are REMOVED in order that we take full physical form upon the earth plane where humanity exist.

This goes against the logic and reason conditioned within the human race itself and as we have taken human physical form and lived among them then we are at the mercy of this conditioning also. Where we find a paradox we will be moved into a space where we can work with HEAVEN in TRUTH to dissolve the frequency that denies TRUTH. From this space we then expand our wingspan and begin to step fully into our Wider Creation in TRUTH purpose.

WE ARE not here to flee this space but to stand firmly in TRUTH as it dissolves in order to REVEAL TRUTH. It is vital that we stand firm upon TRUTH and we can only ever do this surrendered to Creator thru CHRIST deep within the heart space. Darkness will try every attempt it can to force a step back but TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE UNITED in TRUTH.


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