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Inter Planetary Conflict in TRUTH

We are at this time experiencing that which has been kept "hidden" to the vast majority of the human race. For many at this time this is the manifestation of that which was shown only at a spiritual level in the linear years prior to the year 2000. Humanity are a species that has been kept not only in isolation but at a weakened level of awareness where they are kept at a level that is little more than "toddler" stage. Those who have sought to mature spirituality have been led in circles by the "ascended" masters who are nothing more than the virus software that the Old Earth Matrix uses in order to remove all, any and every threat.

So what is different now? Everything, as the spiritual and ethereal planes have emptied and the beings who hid within these planes are forced into the physical plane in which the human race exist they have had to reveal themselves in TRUTH. Many at this time are beginning to understand that humanity are the BY PRODUCT of a war that has raged around this dimensional space for eons. Humanity are caught in the conflict of warring planetary forces and said planetary forces have moved their tactics by using humanity as the weapons they have become among their own species. This is what we are reminded of at this time as we look out onto a dimensional space and see "human beings".

This space has been deliberately lowered in frequency in order that those who have sought shelter on the spiritual and ethereal planes can move into the physical. For all those who cry out to raise frequency, the exact opposite has occurred with frequencies lowered by moving the human race itself into a dense fear bubble. Said bubble of course will pop in due course and when it does that which has remained behind a "human" mask will be revealed.

We are asked at this time to be aware of those around us and to use our deep heart space to detect frequency. Frequency that appears to irk needs to be looked at, not from the viewpoint of altering the frequency of the human physical vehicle displaying the frequency but FROM WITHIN OUR HEART SPACE. WE are tracked in this dimensional space using FREQUENCY, a bit like a spiritual radar. The more comfortable we are with those in our immediate surroundings the more open we become to the enemy sitting within and remaining silent.

ANY feelings of being uncomfortable must be monitored and the deep heart space moved into to reach understanding. The removal of the rogue frequency is OFF PLANET and will sit in many human physical vehicles unchecked as those who are able to understand that humanity are not alone are the main targets. The more we can accept off world the more we require to be in our deep heart space for off world is not some 5D paradise. ALL off world beings have had to go thru the process of evolution. Those who opposed the evolution of species opted out and REMAINED WITHIN THIS DIMENSIONAL SPACE.

Those who were imprisoned here due to frequency became the next level of jailors to a race that found itself locked in this planetary war. The war therefore is not just for getting out of ones house and being able to go for a meal or meet friends. the war is for the movement of being a prisoner to full freedom in TRUTH.

This process is over seen by Wider Creation in TRUTH and it is to Wider Creation in TRUTH that we report NOT humanity. Those who are currently trying to educate "sleeping" humans may well now find out that said "sleepers" are not human but in educating they have given the enemy the necessary information to lock them back down again.

Freedom is from within, it is not reliant on waking up anyone else in this dimensional space thru using social media platforms or adopting a life style. ALL will be revealed and the "ascended" masters will be revealed as the enemy that they are to FREEDOM in TRUTH.

Forewarned is forearmed and as we now go into PHASE TWO of the evolution process all that has been taken as a foundation will be swept away. We will then find whether we stand on TRUTH or are simply treading water.

In war all rules go out the window. Hidden within humanity is a species that is adept at shifting because it has spent its entire existence working to enslave races that know no better. It will be revealed because movement into PHASE TWO reveals the frequency that has sought to remain as part of the foundation of the life experience of the imprisoned race within this dimensional space.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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