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Is it a door or a window?

When we work with energy at the levels that WE ARE now asked to deepen our understanding of the symbols and validation that comes from Wider Creation in TRUTH. Whilst the human race may use actual words as language, the language of Wider Creation in TRUTH goes beyond this and WE ARE asked at this time to understand that we are remembering our CREATION LANGUAGE in TRUTH.

This allows for VAST expansion, when we can let go of the very human need to use words and to move into the understanding that ALL Creation uses then we have moved beyond the limits that human language has placed on communication.

Why does music appeal to so many? because it transcends human language, we may hear a piece of music and it stirs deep parts of our BEing and we must remember that ANGELS PRAISE ALWAYS because they are in constant PRAISE of CREATION in TRUTH. Therefore to work with the angelic realms will see us move beyond the limits of human language into sound and beyond.

ALL is vibration and frequency and when we begin to align more fully with the SOUND of Wider Creation in TRUTH miracles begin to unfold. A miracle is an outcome that the logical mind denies and tries to validate and is beyond our comprehension until we allow the experience of the miracle to transform us. At this time we are being asked to understand that doors may need to close in order that windows can be opened in order to let in FRESH AIR and new energies. Doors work both ways, are you standing at a door that requires to close or a window that requires to open?


Karen x

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