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Laying down our weapons in TRUTH

Each one of us in this our human physical form has created a way of walking within the outer waking reality based upon that which we have thus far experienced in said outer waking reality.  This internal walk is defended and it is defended in ways that we are blind to, at this time we are asked to surrender this walk because it no longer serves on any level.  As with everything that is requested to be surrendered the human logical mind often goes into overdrive coming up with "valid" and "logical" reasons as to why we should keep tight hold of it.

Within the expansion in TRUTH process we lose nothing that is not truth, we gain where it first appears that we must lose because that which we are letting go of no longer serves at any level.  Servitude of course is subjective, we often become like little children and demand that we are permitted this or that but that which blinds us keeps us bound.  We cannot reach the bigger picture in this our human physical form because of the limited vision that the human form itself permits from the context that humanity have been placed within.   This is our leap of FAITH and we are often called to leap.  It is only after leaping and when we have reached the necessary understanding that we can reach that which was out with our vision.  Often it is breathtakingly simple and this of course is how it blinded us to begin with.

We may resent the life experience that we are moving within, we may look outwards and see behaviors in those around us that we do not like or resonate with and we may deny that we too have behaviors that no longer serve. However the conditioning within humanity is deep and we are conditioned to look externally at all points, never looking to our reactions to those around us sees us blinded.  We have responsibility and where we can take hold of it this we are asked to. It is not our responsibility for example to keep those around us happy and in good spirits but it is our responsibility to tread carefully.  This seems almost like an oxymoron but is not.  We have no more right to upset those around us that they do to walk over us.  When we begin to trade an "eye for an eye" then we all become blind.

We have a choice as to whether to react or to remain silent, we have a choice as to whether to stay or to go. We have choices and we often circumvent these choices thru the deep conditioning that exists within human family structures that seeks to take these choices and hide them from certain family members. This is where we find siblings that have choices that have been denied to other siblings, for grandparents to be excluded or included to the detriment of other grandparents. The combination is endless and all remains hidden until we uncover the root which is responsibility.

It can be humbling to understand the responsibility that we have for ourselves and many will come back at this and scream selfish.  It is not selfish to look after your own mental health first and foremost, it is not selfish to look after your own body first and foremost, your own well being and health first and foremost. Yet at many levels of the human life experience the good old sacrifice card is played.  We have one body in this our human life experience, we have our spirit incarnated into said body and it serves NO ONE on any level for us to go into self destruct.  Yet this is supported within the old earth construct/matrix because it allows for massive manipulation.

We can never know the actual wants and needs of another because we are not them, we are ourselves but unless we begin to understand and know ourselves then we will always be at the mercy of those around us who seek to quantify who we are and why we are.  When we hand this to those around us we can expect a myriad of variations, we can expect manipulation because we end up trying to fulfill the needs and wants of those around us to be who they require us to be.

This self defeating and highly manipulative way of living is now being challenged because it is not TRUTH.  There is a challenge that comes from beyond our human physical form and it is brought thru our spirit in TRUTH.  It is our spirit that states "enough" and it is our spirit that says " not TRUTH".  It is then our choice as to whether to surrender the illusion that is created within the human physical form or to deny our spirit which comes from source and is TRUTH.

Always we will be opposed by our Creator YHWY when we attempt to continue to walk in the abdication of responsibility and try to hold on to behaviors that are poisonous  to us at all levels. The war that rages is not humanity against anything, it is within humanity, it is created between human and human albeit the frequency is held by darkness, the seeds are planted in human physical beings and the crop either withers or grows abundantly.  The storage vessels are then kept at the optimum for regrowth of a success harvest.  This remains unseen by those who are so intent at "gaining ground" that they will allow themselves to self destruct rather than let go.

The self destruct button has been pressed at a spiritual level, now we are shown the result and for many the coming linear few months will be a shell shocking experience as those whom we have assumed have no part to play reveal themselves in TRUTH.

Blood is thicker than water but it is dependent upon who's blood that we walk this human life experience. In TRUTH there is but one blood that covers us and that protects us fully and this is the BLOOD OF CHRIST, all else is tainted because it is comes from a well that was created to satisfy the blood lust of something beyond human knowledge.  This of course is now manifest within humanity itself. We can drink from the fountain of life or we can continue to drink from the poison well. One is TRUTH and one is death, we cannot sip from both. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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