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learning to fly again, wheels up!

For those who have been "grounding" repeatedly the question is why? we are moving to a new frequency and a new bandwidth and the concept of "grounding" is one that has many actively tying themselves to the ground. In order to FLY we must take off and how do we take off if we "ground" ourselves. Again human language is a key and this key is often used to hide that which is in front of us.

The WINDS of CHANGE are now upon us and as such we are readying our wings to spread them for our first flight. The Archangels are here to support us as we now are able to reach new heights and from these new heights we get a CLEARER and more EXPANSIVE picture. The caterpillar can only see from the ground up, the butterfly can see all around due to being able to fly to different points to view said picture.

At this time we are asked to spread our wings fully and to understand that we do not lift ourselves into the air, this brings up fear for many who are perched upon the edge of the ledge and are now wondering how on earth they go there and how to get down without plummeting! it is the Archangels who now lift us and carry us upwards, for in the upper frequency bandwidths there is MORE SUPPORT. This is akin to getting in a bath that is filled with salt, it is the salt that gives the buoyancy, not the water.

So we are asked to play with the air streams, to allow ourselves to become accustomed to the LIGHTNESS of BEing that is to be accessed at these frequency levels and to allow the understanding that we can reach now birth thru us. For those who are here to bring the messages thru this is a time of VAST expansion and understanding of why these messages are given and how they are given. (For Angel Communication messages thru me please click here to order).

As we now begin to move and shift in ways that caterpillars cannot we understand our time pre flight, we understand that the FOOD that the caterpillar ingests determines the butterfly it will become and we understand that the process of evolution is the miracle by which we now STAND.



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