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Left is right and right is left in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to accept that which is presented to us and assumed thru our human logical mind. On looking at a picture we are heavily conditioned to accept that the picture is as it is presented and this optical illusion is that which keeps us within the hall of mirrors. It is one thing to begin to understand that we are within a hall of mirrors but quite another to work with the reflections that said hall produces.

The first thing that we must understand and this is revealed to us thru the physical experience of said reflection is that everything presented is backwards. In a mirror we are given a polar reflection, that which is shown as being on the left hand side in the reflection is actually on the right hand side and vice versa.  Often when people begin to approach working with "self reflection" they assume that the reflection is accurate. It is never accurate and it become less and less accurate the more that the reflection is worked with.

Having spent many years working in the healing field and working with clients from all over the world it was illuminating to see this in action.  Assumption is the key that darkness uses in an attempt to manipulate. Take out the assumption and work only with that which is actually there and you begin to get to the root of the problem and the root of that which is hiding. All other routes are simply optical illusions designed to keep the attention away from the root itself.

As we move thru the expansion in TRUTH process and get near the root that binds us to the old earth construct/matrix itself the optical illusion will get more and more intense. View it as walking closer to a magnetic field (which it is and affects frequency by distorting it), the closer we get the more the actual magnet will disrupt our experience.  So as we get closer and closer to the root it will begin to defend itself by throwing us off. We cannot rely on our human eyes alone, nor our human logical mind because it is being influenced by the heavy magnetic interference that surrounds and protects the root.

The further away from the actual root that we are the less interference.  This interference has to be removed before we can see the root and then understand it and take it out. The root is the context that has been hidden from us, it is the reveal of the actual picture and as darkness will defend this to the hilt we require to approach said root and magnetic interference surrendered IN Christ. If we are not surrendered IN Him we will fall to the optical illusions presented by the defense of said root.

Defense of the root ALWAYS includes those closest to us.   The root uses a human shield because darkness knows that human weakness is found in compassion but the compassion is given a different context so as to be used against us. Imagine for a moment if Christ did not go to the Cross and never crossed into death in order to show us TRUTH.  If He had fallen to the demands of His disciples to by pass the Cross there would be no exit from this dimensional space.   The disciples did not have the correct context into which Christ was walking. To them the picture presented was of their friend going to a horrible death and this picture was presented to them and backed up by the humans around them. The soldiers, the courts, the hatred of the people for the person, but what was kept hidden from them was the CONTEXT, the reason why He HAD TO TAKE THIS ROUTE.

Christ Himself was made mortal and the connection between Himself and our Creator YHWY temporarily severed so that He could actually cross over into death. If He had maintained His connection to our Creator YHWY He would have been able to bypass the route into death and our Creator YHWY could not let this happen. This would have been akin to driving down a highway with a slip road, the entire point of driving down the highway was to illuminate the slip road that remained hidden. There was NO POINT to simply driving the highway, the highway was not the end goal.

This simple TRUTH remains hidden to many within humanity who focus only on the life that is lived within the old earth construct/matrix itself not understanding that it is a circular highway and has no point whatsoever to driving along it. It keeps a circular motion, nothing ever changes, it may appear to change scenery but changes nothing else. The frequency, the actual LIVING IN TRUTH never appears, it is always just shown in a direction sign that is never reached. Only by reaching and driving the slip road can this ever be understood and those who drive on the highway will protect the highway. They will maintain it, filling in the pot holes, upgrading the routes offered, changing lanes but nothing affects the highway at any real level because the highway goes only one place and that is HELL. IT IS HELL MANIFEST and this is denied by all who can only ever see the bright lights and options presented.

The media and the construct of religion has sought to reference and define Hell to such a level that anything other than something that looks horrific is dismissed. But living a life in pain, in separation, in trauma is not life in TRUTH, it is lived in hell but in physical human form. That which the human race endures in this our human physical form is not life in TRUTH, it is Hell manifest but we have been conditioned to accept it is human life. Conditioned to adapt to the parameters within the individual jail cells that are the human physical vehicles themselves.

Many within humanity ask how "God can allow this to happen?" missing the context of the question asked. God does not allow any of it to happen because He is not the Creator of this dimensional space, in the example above, He did not create the Highway,  He is the voice that guides us to the EXIT of said dimensional space.  Humanity are asking the wrong question when they attempt to question God because the question is not for our Creator YHWY the question is for Lucifer who is god of this world.  On asking the question comes the answer and the answer is always TRUTH, the answer always starts from root. Find the root and the answer reveals itself but said root was not hidden in some far away place, it is within us.

Many search for the holy grail and spend millions, many search for the holy grail and find more and more questions with no answers. The holy grail is not found in this dimensional space because it is only found DEEP WITHIN THE HEART SPACE where darkness has no authority. It is found with CHRIST HIMSELF for it is He who will show us but only when we have walked where darkness tells us we cannot.

At this time we are being shown thru human physical experience the reflection in TRUTH and whilst many seek and many are called, few will answer because in order to step out of the reflection we must first of all accept it. When we are in the "fast lane" and enjoying the "rewards" who then looks for the slip road? ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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