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Letting go and RELEASING in TRUTH

WE ARE never more on the defense than when we feel that we are being attacked, the HIGH ALERT that has triggered humanity since the beginning of 20/20 has seen a BLIND panic ripple thru the human race like never before. All bracing for that which they FEAR will unfold and in the bracing is the holding pattern that keeps them in the brace.

For many at this time the tension is almost solid and this is what is holding many within a structure that is anything but solid. The outer waking reality is held together thru thin veils, whilst many wanted the veils removed so that they could begin to see, the actual removal of the veils has them recoiling in horror. In order to work to release the holding pattern the ACCEPTANCE of that which is behind the veils has to be achieved.

This does not mean replicating that which the veils were in place to do, this means that we see behind the veil and we simply accept that the veil was in place. In throwing our hands up in horror we give power to the veil itself. Part of the removal of the veil is the attachment the veil has to us personally and internally. If we simply recoil with horror and do not see where the veil attached to us then we are doing nothing other than running about with a balloon tied to our leg trying to out run said balloon.

The entire objective of 20/20 was crystal clear vision, this is afforded so that we can work deeper in the heart space, it was not to have us do the work of darkness by throwing the veils about and in doing so re-cover humanity. This is the slight of hand that darkness works with and which many have simply fallen to.

A soldier who has endured trauma when taken off the battlefield is still within the battle, it simply moves to the soldiers MINDS EYE. That is the soldier responds to a threat that is not there other than inside of him. This is where many are at at this time, responding to WHAT WAS and not that which is happening. Many are now in the triage tents fighting with the aid that arrived because they cannot see the aid that arrived beyond the nightmare they keep playing out over and over internally.

This was always to be an issue for a race that has been traumatized since it was created and the children of ORION are being HELD VERY TIGHTLY by ORION at this time in an effort to show them they are now SAFE, that the internal work has to be done in order to remove the NIGHTMARE internally for once they can separate the NIGHTMARE from within themselves they can actually see and begin to heal.

Prior to the internal release of the frequency that holds them to the nightmare they remain in the dream state, having lucid WAKING NIGHTMARES that seek to hold them in place and have them react from said frequency.

At this time the emergency measures put in place by ORION are being activated. The healing has begun but we must remain still as our wounds are addressed and the frequencies are illuminated to us in order that they can be REMOVED FULLY AND PERMANENTLY. If not we cannot move further along the path because all it would take is one trigger and we would be like the traumatized soldier, reacting to something that only the wounded soldier can see. This is the slight of hand by darkness, giving the illusion that we are healed when in TRUTH we are suffering post traumatic trauma that given the correct circumstances would have us see those around us as the enemy and go to war with them.

There is no war for it was WON, what we do now is exit the battlefield in order to heal and to move forward.



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