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Letting Go of Belief in Order to Understand in TRUTH

Separation is not of our Creator YHWY, it is always of Lucifer. This separation is often hidden but just because we do not see it does not mean we do not accept and at times fully embrace it.  Mental health is an issue that has exploded into the media and despite it appearing to be supportive it is further dividing and separating humanity.  Our waking human life experience is separated into "areas" whether we consciously accept this or not.  We tend to reference (due to the intense conditioning that we are subject to) our life experience into compartments, we have our "work life", our "personal life" etc and this is not TRUTH for how can we actually see or understand the entire picture when we have broken our experience into little snippets?

It is within the dividing lines of these snippets that Lucifer lives, persuading us that we do not "fit in" therefore there must be something wrong with us.  This compartmentalizing is increasing due to the intense conditioning we are now placed within in relation to technology. As technology only works in absolutes we are being conditioned to reference and therefore accept the experience of life in compartmentalization. Whilst we use these reference points we miss out on the experience of wholeness which is simply accepting. Without accepting we can never move into the next part of the Salvation in TRUTH process for how can we accept that Christ will be our Salvation in TRUTH when we cannot accept ourselves fully?Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV) Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

At this time humanity are seeking to tick the boxes and in doing so bring into reality the acceptance that they are being conditioning to believe is not there. We are enough, we are human, we were never created to have "all the answers" despite what the media portrays to us. The media and technology is driving a conditioning at this time that is seeking to break the bonds that we create naturally with those around us.  Our vulnerability is what makes us human and this is now being seen as something to hide or run from.  Many within humanity are falling to the illusion presented that if they are not somehow making lots of money, running a house, a family and looking perfect in the process that somehow they are a failure. This conditioning is DELIBERATE in order to fracture humanity further.

Before the current intense conditioning human behavior was much more face to face, the sterility that is technology is seeking to break this and in breaking it it is breaking down humanity itself. We all crave human contact for we are human and this is part of our internal make up.  Whether it be a hug, a kiss or a simple conversation, touching the lives of those around us is a normal part of our humanity. But now it is being driven through technology and said technology sterilizes the entire process. Whilst sending an email is quicker than writing a letter the sterile words of type on a screen conveys no emotion, simply adding smiley faces gives the impression that the sterilization is not there but it is.  We interpret words on a screen depending on how we are feeling at that moment in time. The ability to misinterpret another's words and meaning is huge when placed in the sterility of technology. Already at least two generations now communicate this way and it is in these generations that mental health is the most fragile.

It may sound very cliche but nothing can touch the rising of the sun in the morning, the sound of a bird singing and the feel and smell of nature and yet we are ignoring this, preferring to interact through technology in preference. Taking a quick walk or run in nature is simply an illusion that seeks to hide the intense conditioning and darkness that technology is in TRUTH.

Whilst many within humanity are looking for prophesy to unfold in Hollywood scenarios, mountains crumbling and thunderclaps from the sky, Lucifer is busy creating and encouraging the use of technology that seems other than it is.  Whilst he places our focus on one thing he can manipulate using something else. This trick of darkness is difficult to see for we all assume that we are wise to darkness and yet we fall to its tricks continuously.  This is due to the weaving of illusion within humanity over the past linear few thousand years. When we are forced to use reference points that are used by our human logical mind and forced to use this in ways that play only to the human logical mind we find that said reference points are backed up by further knowledge, this double locking of the human logical mind is deliberate and can only ever be challenged through our heart space. For Lucifer can present the perfect illusion which is challenging to SEE through with our human logical eyes but the feeling of it being 'off" he cannot hide and this is done through our heart space.

Many within humanity have a very uneasy feeling around the continued and rapid rise in technology.  This is silenced of course through the logical mind which presents the picture of simplicity, how it helps humanity.  A prison cell is still a prison cell even if it does contain neatly painted walls and scatter cushions. It is only when we attempt to use our birthright of freedom in TRUTH that we find we have simply given it away.

At this time we are asked to remain centered in our heart space. To embrace natural human interaction and to allow this natural human interaction to show us TRUTH.  To remember how lovely it is to simply sit and talk face to face with those around us.  To reach out to those around us, to be the one who takes the initiative and smile and acknowledge those around us for many who are struggling just now are falling to Lucifers lies that seek to teach them they are worthless and unimportant. We have been born, we breathe and we are here, therefore we have a purpose. We may not understand or know said purpose but our Creator YHWY does and He will hold us tightly in ways that we simply do not see when we require to be.

It is our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ that sends us out into wider humanity, to be the smile that needs to be smiled to the person walking down the road or standing in line next to us. To be the understanding to someone in desperate need at that moment in time when they need it. That is what we are here for, to help our fellow humans by showing our own humanity. We do not need to be anything other than we are in order for our Creator YHWY to work through us. Opening our hearts to Him through His Son, Christ is step one. From that moment HE will lead us, often where we think we cannot walk and yet we will walk, for we walk in FAITH and not by sight.

ALL JUST IS and WE ARE for TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG and together we will build, for the end of times is now ending and humanity is beginning to awaken to a new song, one of promise, one of redemption and one of Salvation in TRUTH. Kx

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