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Life is not a "circular", the false geometry of the old earth in TRUTH

The old earth construct/matrix is a deliberate design.  It is designed using false geometry and enforcing said geometry with the fractal resonance that is birthed through human trauma.   That which is seeded within humanity plays to the birth of fractal resonance as humanity are conditioned to remain within the confines of the teachings that support said false geometry.

Human language is often dismissed, how often have you found yourself saying "I am going round in circles" or using the phrase "the circle of life".  The human logical mind only knows this dimensional space and so will accept this false teaching very readily. Often the human logical mind will go into overdrive validating the circulatory nature of this dimensional space and in doing so keeps us anchored within the false resting point that this dimensional space is.

In order to wake from the sleeping stasis that humanity were deliberately placed within it is vital that we become more aware of our human language and of the rote and ritual that is birthed from said language.  Often we will deliberately speak that which is being challenged in an attempt to voice something that wishes to remain silent.  The frustration that is building within humanity is a response to that which is now entering humanity for frequency will attempt to find a balance.  Two opposing frequencies will play out until one absorbs the other but this remains hidden to humanity who are conditioned heavily to view only the manifestation of frequency and not the frequency itself.

At this time many within humanity are being moved out of the rote and ritual that they have built their entire existence upon and this is triggering a deep fear that has remained silent until this time. The more "control" that we feel that we need to place on our outer waking reality in order to reduce this frustration reveals the level of rote and ritual that we have absorbed and the denser the frequency that is trying to gain dominance within us.  For the old earth construct/matrix knows that it is being dissolved and it will attempt at all moments of all moments to attempt to delay said dissolving.

At this time the unusual will be denied but as the dissolving takes hold the unusual will become something that is noted by all of humanity.  The more that we attempt to place any control over the outer waking reality at this time the more we require to be in surrender for it is only in the surrender that we can take a vantage point that is other than circular.

Remember the old earth construct/matrix is a deliberate design, it is designed to produce an experience but just because we have the experience manifest by the design does not make the design TRUTH.  This of course is denied by the human logical mind which has no other external reference point other than the old earth construct/matrix.  Those who have been able to reach other dimensional versions and lives are still faced with the circular design of the old earth construct/matrix and the bonds that reach across the dimensional timelines are there to distort the circle that this dimensional space was built WITHIN.

So what is it that the old earth construct/matrix uses to keep the circles in motion? it uses emotional debris and the main debris it uses is anger.  The anger that is often held at an unconscious waking mind level is triggered as soon as an exit point is in view.  Then an outer waking reality placed trigger is set off to obscure said exit point and the journey continues.  At this time within the expansion process there are various trigger points that are being highlighted for their removal. Only in their removal can the exit point from the circular patterns of behavior and living be exited.  We will be held tightly by our Creator YHWY as we approach the trigger point and we require to step fully into the surrender that is asked of us in order to dissolve the emotional debris.

Without emotional debris within our human vehicle there can be nothing triggered. So much emphasis is placed on the outer waking reality that many are trying to do this work the opposite way by taking the triggers out of the outer waking reality but this is not possible because the old earth construct/matrix is DESIGNED to produce them. It is the foundation of the dimensional space itself. In order to walk within and to walk out of the old earth construct/matrix we require to defuse said triggers by handing back our emotional debris, thus the trigger will have no emotional effect upon us and we are then not blinded to that which is actually happening, indeed it becomes very very obvious and we can then reach the understanding that the triggering sought to prevent.

At this time we are asked to remain in full surrender and to let go of the need to "fight back" because the said fighting back activates the trigger.  This of course makes no logical sense to the human logical mind but the human logical mind is not part of this cleansing and clearing process.  It believes it is because within the old earth construct/matrix it was placed in the driving seat of the human life experience. Again this is by design and just because it is the design does not make it TRUTH. The human logical mind is like a library for the human life experience. We do not require to visit this library because we are moving OUT and BEYOND said human life experience to wider creation in TRUTH which has never been achieved prior to this moment.

There are no library books that we can take out of said virtual library, understanding is gained through permitting physical experience and this will be shown at very deep levels to those who are now asked to let go of the wheel of their human vehicle and trust that the swapping over of drivers will take place with no injuries, accidents or trauma. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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