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As we now begin our ascent it is to be noted that frequency gateways are vitally important, as we approach a frequency gateway darkness will pull out all stops to have us miss the gateway but triggering that which is unhealed deep within our being. Many assume that a gateway is a natural progression and many are but the significant ones are not, if the frequency of the gate and the person wishing to access the gate do not match no gateway is walked thru, instead the cycle begins again until the next opportunity for movement presents itself.

This can be very frustrating to say the least and at this time darkness is surrounding those who are approaching this gateway. The CONNECTION TO THE DEEP HEART MEDITATION that is due to take place Monday 8th August at 8pm addresses this by removing the residue that may see the gate missed. This allows for a vast LEAP of FAITH to be achieved at a spiritual level which when translated to a physical everyday level is akin to a walk thru the gate holding the hand of the Angel that has appeared at the gate. Holding the hand of the Angel makes sure that darkness cannot pull us to one side, the Angel holds the frequency steady as we align more fully and makes sure that we remain on track, we therefore can relax and allow the frequency to LIFT US fully.

To sign up for this meditation (which is donation only, feel free to donate what you feel) then please CLICK HERE.

WE ARE at a pivotal time in our evolution and HEAVEN in TRUTH are standing ready to help us achieve that which has never been achieved in this human form before.



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