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Logic versus Reason in TRUTH

We exist in a world that caters to the human logical mind.  So intense is this conditioning that we will begin to default to logic above all else.  This hides our emotional landscape which is driven through the heart space and not through logic.  We may THINK that we feel a certain way but this is the sterilization of our humanity, we are being heavily conditioned to step back from an emotional interaction with the outside world.  Many at this time of year deal with the intense chaos through logic alone. So focused on the ticking off of lists and the following of routine that they are oblivious to that which is working inside of them.  For many the allowing of the emotional interaction is determined purely through the interpretation of the human logical mind.  The smile hides that which is actually going on.

We may feel overwhelmed by the outer waking world, the intense pressure to do this or do that, the intense pressure to have a "good time" amid the festivities pushes the emotional debris further and further into the human vehicle itself.  We only have to look at stores full of shoppers to see this in full action.  How many people actually enjoy the festive season? how many take time to choose a present for a loved one and take time to make the present mean something?  How often are we driven by our own reaction to the intense media advertising and succumb to the never ending demands of those around us?

Many place this under the label of "commercialization" of the festive period but that hides TRUTH even more.  Just because something is presented to us does not mean that we have to interact with it.  Relationships of all kinds undergo intense pressure and invisible restructuring at this time of year and this is deliberate, in order for darkness to re route us it must first of all be able to manipulate us.  We may assume that we are the only ones who are having a hard time at this time and this is not TRUTH, so hidden have our emotions become to us that we would rather break under pressure than even attempt to reach out to those around us especially those closest to us.

Human beings were never created to live under such intense pressure.  Already the cracks at various levels will have begun to show and such is the intense conditioning to present a "perfect" front that many will simply sit in agony in silence.  Not sharing, becoming trapped in what seems to be a nightmare of "perfection" and "smiles".  This affects all levels of humanity, from the older generations who are presented with a festive period that deepens in its chaos to the younger generations who have little to no idea of what the festive period is actually about.  Money is driving the festive period, must have this and that, within the coming linear 15 days the intensity will increase almost to insane levels and then nothing.  As the presents are opened on the day a sense of emptiness begins to creep in with the period between the actual day and the turn of the linear year the most intense.

The intense vacant space inside is that which was filled with the illusion of the build up. When the illusion is taken away then all that remains is said empty space which is there because it is meant to be connected to our deepest heart space.  It is called LOVE in TRUTH and is available to each and every human being alive but it comes at a price that many are not willing to pay because it involves complete surrender.  Many believe that to fight through the human life experience alone is the only option that is available to them and this is not TRUTH.

LOVE in TRUTH is the key to the opening of the heart space, the detaching from the need to be in control at each and every moment. It is the accepting that we have flaws and are still loved unconditionally. It is the knowing that the heart is stronger than any bank denomination, that the heart is the map that is required in order to navigate the human life experience and using said map we are never lost, never left behind, we are always where we were created to be.

At this time we are asked to take a breath, to understand that the chaos is a choice, that we do not have to interact with the illusion in order to be seen and understood. Indeed it is said understanding that is revealed through our initial surrender.  Understanding that a kind word, a kind deed and an acknowledgement that we are vulnerable and that we are here to help one another is the biggest gift that we can both give and receive.  Humanity do not require more "things" for they cannot nor will they ever fill the deep emptiness that resides within humanity.  We were never created to live with said emptiness but instead to use it as the reminder that we have strayed from our creation purpose.  That we have been redirected onto a path that only ever leads to further emptiness.

There is only one path to TRUTH, it is hidden in plain view and it is a path that many will refuse due to the logical mind demanding it be seen and referenced before it is walked.  Christ is the one who stands in the doorway leading from logic to living, for the human life experience is meant to be experienced not watched from the sidelines. We can only ever live life through embracing our own humanity, our own vulnerability.  It is the Grace of our Creator YHWY that bridges the gap between our own humanity and TRUTH.


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