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Looking over the edge in TRUTH

We in this our human physical vehicle form are bound by the frequencies that are anchored deep within the DNA/RNA level of said human physical vehicle. We are SPIRIT in TRUTH which is being anchored fully into a vehicle and as the anchoring process continues it is our SPIRIT in TRUTH that makes the alterations to our human physical vehicle in order we are at maximum efficiency on this physical plane.

For many at this time the deeply conditioned teachings regarding health and nutrition are in full swing. Many are now in deep distress as their human physical vehicle begins to work against them, many believe that "stress" simply does not apply to them whilst they continue to exercise and to follow what human logic demands that they follow at this time.

Stress is a frequency, it is a tool that is used internally by the Old Earth Matrix in order to harvest, much like a spoon is the tool that we use to eat cereal for example. Therefore in periods of intense stress there is an 'eating" process that is occurring. It is our emotional debris that is akin to grain for the Old Earth Matrix. Human language is that which we often choose to ignore but the "threshing floor" is where we are broken down and broken open in order that the seed is taken from inside the husk. At a human term point of view this is where we are broken down and the emotions that rise to the surface are those that are fed from.

It is not TRUTH to assume that all who are around us are fully human. This particular rabbit hole is one that I will simply illuminate only. We are asked to be aware that those who incarnated into the SAME HUMAN FAMILY LINEAGE as we did, did so in order to reap and to sow for darkness as we have worked in LIGHT. It is therefore not TRUTH to assume that as WE have taken human physical form that there are no other BEings who have also taken human physical form.

This TRUTH will be rejected by many within humanity who seek to put and place these BEings at arms length and in positions of power, not just across the breakfast table. The full acceptance of who shares this dimensional space called "earth" with the human souls who incarnate onto said plane is something that many will not readily open to. It is often those BEings who have incarnated into a direct family lineage that do more harm than any "world" leader as they have infiltrated said human family lineage directly to sabotage the Creation Purpose in TRUTH of LIGHT. Whilst focus in on "world" leader we often fail to see the dark sitting in the corner watching thru the human form being presented.

The END GAME is being played out on said human physical plane, nothing is hidden and all is revealed, the last of the veils will now be removed and we are then taken to the edge of our own understanding at a logic and reason level. This will see mass panic and mass hysteria begin to unfold within the general human population as we will require to step fully out of logic and reason in order to go beyond the last veil that is now removed.

It is foretold and therefore we are all forewarned that the END GAME is one that humanity are not ready to witness and yet in the witnessing is their freedom.

At this time we are asked to understand thru our connection to SOURCE in TRUTH and thru our deep heart space that we are fully protected thru the frequency that we are in TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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