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LOVE in Action in TRUTH

We are conditioned within the old earth construct to become bystanders to the human life experience itself.  So entangled do we become within the power and control that the human logical mind is conditioned to produce that we fully believe that we have had an experience when in TRUTH we have simply envisioned it.  The difference is never seen by the human logical mind itself but it is felt by the heart space that will always prompt us to go that step further.  Christ walked this earth showing LOVE, He did not just "preach" about love, He physically experienced it and those who interacted with Him also physically experienced it.

It is one thing to think "the hungry shouldn't be hungry, this is the 21st century" but another to physically feed a starving person who crosses our path.  Many within humanity will defend the non action as being some sort of "survival" instinct and that the world is a dangerous place therefore we should keep ourselves to ourselves.  This is part of the conditioning and the illusion presented. When I set out on the journey that saw me accept and embrace Christ in Tennessee, USA never once did I even imagine the journey that our Creator YHWY took me on.  Everywhere I traveled on said journey I was told "but that's dangerous, you are a woman travelling alone with a child".  Yet always I felt protected and those who interacted with me did so because they felt that was what was being asked of them by God.

I have spoken with homeless vets across the USA, those who are hidden in plain view to the world.  I have listened to their pain, to their pleas to my child not to follow in their footsteps because of the trauma they endured.  I have walked in areas of cities that people told me were dangerous and was met with kindness and warmth.  It is not a journey that I would have willingly taken and yet I took it always having to surrender to my circumstances and only by allowing the journey to unfold did I even begin to understand what our Creator YHWY was showing me.

The broken, the lost, the wounded, all hidden in plain view. There ARE those within humanity who can see them and will try to help them but there are far too many who choose to look away because they fear what they see.  We are asked to LOVE AS CHRIST LOVED.  We are not asked to solve world hunger, we are not asked to solve wars, only to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE LOVED US.  This is the feeding of the hungry person, the clothing of the person who is unclothed, to reach them through our humanity for we are all humans, we all hurt, we all cry and we all need Salvation in TRUTH.

Simple kindness is worth more than gold but only to those who see the value of said kindness. This goes beyond "having" and "needing" to the very purpose of our living.  As we approach the conclusion of the end of the end of times we will be called ever louder to our Creation Purpose in TRUTH. To give to those around us, our time, our love and all that we are called to share with them.  Lucifer wants every human being to view those around them as their enemy, for us to judge one another, for us to reject one another and this is in direct rebellion to our Creator YHWY.

We never know those who cross our path, their purpose and our purpose until we have allowed the unfolding, maintaining our connection to our Creator YHWY through His Son Christ often we are interacting with our Creator YHWYs messengers. Always there is a lesson and an understanding that sits beyond the picture presented to us to begin with.

Many people state that they follow Christ,  however if He appeared right this moment and asked them to leave all that they have known to follow him physically would they? Would they give up jobs, homes, families?  For that is the calling that we are often called to in order to serve a bigger picture, a greater purpose than the one that Lucifer simply defined for us.Isaiah 5:20 (KJV) Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

It is not for us in this our human form to decide what is evil and what is good.  We must obey our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ and allow our understanding to be gifted to us through physical personal experience.  Physical experience is just that physical interaction, it is not dreaming, it is not imagining and it is not leaving it to someone else, it is physically interacting for only in interacting at the physical level can we bring Heaven to Earth through our hearts and our deeds.

Our Creator YHWY promised us a new earth and that He would wipe away our tears, this can only ever happen through our physical interaction with the rest of humanity for assumption is a tool of the devil and assumption begins and ends in the human logical mind in TRUTH. All JUST IS and WE ARE. Kx

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