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WE ARE here in this our human physical form for a particular reason. There are many and varied false teachings that seek to have us move out of our human physical housing and spend inordinate amounts of time in the etheric. Whether this be to walk thru it or even connect thru it matters not, we are given a housing, a vehicle and if we are not present within it then something else will try to be.

Spirit in TRUTH first downloads when we reach the frequency vibration that allows for connection. Then we go thru various processes that allow for the handing fully back of the SOUL CONSTRUCT in order that Spirit in TRUTH takes up full residency within our human physical form. Such is the distortion frequency that is active within the SOUL CONSTRUCT it is not possible for this to remain alongside Spirit in TRUTH.

This next phase involves allowing Spirit in TRUTH to sweep said housing immaculately clean. We in this our human physical form are blind at certain frequency levels because we have birthed THRU the human race and into this human physical form which has filters related to close family and intimate relationships. This is the phase that Spirit in TRUTH cleans and strengthens our housing, making sure that there are no open doorways or portals that can be used to stop our purpose on any frequency bandwidth.

This is the phase that we may find most challenging because we will be heavily opposed if we attempt to defend a frequency that is working against us. Living within the false family units of the old earth frequency sees us allow behavior and attitudes that we simply would not tolerate out with said family unit and these are the ones that darkness uses to blind us further. We are therefore reliant from this moment forward on Spirit in TRUTH to guide us.

Previous phases and processes will have allowed us to build our faith and trust of Wider Creation in TRUTH prior to this process beginning so we are not alone, albeit at certain blind times and critical crossroads it may feel as if we are.

This is a time of VAST frequency upgrades and WE ARE asked to surrender to the process that is now beginning. Attempting to carry on regardless is not supported on any level. It may be that extra sleep, extra rest and a focus on FOOD will be required. Food is a frequency and the ability to eat animals, animal by products including all and any dairy may be removed. At times this may see very intense physical symptoms be experienced as Spirit in TRUTH alerts us to the affect that these frequencies have on our human life experience and ability to work with frequency and vibration.

WE ARE asked to understand that this is a very physical upgrade and can take its toll on our human physical body itself. Rest, nutrition and hydration all have KEY parts in this next phase.

Just as the butterfly does not require to walk on the ground as it is no longer a caterpillar the next phase does not allow us to continue to fuel and hydrate as we have to this point.



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