• Karen Doonan

Make yourself comfortable

Just as you would when you reach somewhere new please take a moment to look around spiritually. Is there anything that resonates that has not stepped forward prior to this moment? Have you felt a tinge of something that is wanting to reveal itself?

This space is different to the main Releasing Eden Website because it contains TOOLS first and foremost. It is all very well to have lots and lots of information and to sit with it and to digest it but there comes a point where we put the information into action. This is such a place.

It may be that you are relatively new to the Skull Collective and require some adjustment to their energy signatures. This is the space to achieve this, regularly updates will be placed in this space to help you work more closely and intimately with the Skull Collective. This may be in the form of further meditation or a specially designed meditation thru myself directly.

It may be that you have found this site and now have to retrace some steps to fully understand why you are here and what you are now required to achieve in this space. The ENTERING BACE CAMP meditation is an excellent preparation to enter the space fully as this is a protected dimensional space, you get out of it that which you put in. This is to say that the more you interact with the space spiritually thru using the tools the more clarity you will achieve. I am the space holder for this dimensional space, it is my frequency that the tools are created thru, I am the conduit for ALL.

If you have any questions please contact us.

many blessings